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Last Updated: January 17, 2018

To check your schedule:

1.  Visit:
2.  Enter your Stony Brook email address in the box
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3.  Log in with your NetID when prompted
4.  Once Logged in, you will notice the default term is set to Active Term.  Our Spring term does not begin until 1/22/18 so it is currently inactive.  Select the Drop down arrow next to Term  and  Select "All Terms".
5.  You should see your course listed and the first class date it will record.    If you do not OR the information is not correct, please let us know immediately.
 If you are using Blackboard, you will need to connect ECHO to  your Blackboard course.
If you are using Blackboard, you will need to add the ECHO 360 Mashup to your Blackboard Course.  For more information, visit: How do I place my echo360 recordings inside my Blackboard course?
Should you have questions, concerns or would like to schedule a consultation, please let us know!

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