Adding Technology Statements to Your Course Using Brightspace's Learning Objects Repository (LOR)

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Created: 01/12/2023 Last Updated: 05/03/2024

DoIT provides "technology support statements" that you can add to your Brightspace course. If you would like to add information to your course about general IT help, Respondus, VoiceThread or other Stony Brook IT services, you can do so from the Learning Object Repository. 

  1. When adding content, select Create and then Add Object from LOR
  2. Under the Search For box, select Show Repositories
  3. Select  Syllabi Statements and then click Search
  4. Select the statement that you would like to add  (You can only add one item at a time) and then choose Next. Answer questions on your screen to proceed.
    These syllabi statements are Google documents that are maintained by Stony Brook's Brightspace team.  Once you add them, if you select Dynamic Link to Newest Version, they will update in your class(es) every time our team makes a change.

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