Adding IVQ to Brightspace and Linking it to Grades

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Created: 12/27/2022 Last Updated: 04/08/2024
Note: if you are unfamiliar with using IVQ, follow this link to a tutorial article on how to use it.
  • Step 1, get the URL for the assignment
Select the quiz you would like to make an assignment in Brightspace:
Select Quiz from IVQ


Click on the button that reads "Copy Quiz Link", the link will be added to your clipboard:

Copy Quiz Link

 Log in to Brightpace:

Click on the course you would like to add the assignment to (In this case it is "Paul's Test Course"):

Choose a course

Click on the "Content" Menu Item:

Choose the Content Menu

Click on the "Existing Activities" dropdown, choose "External Learning Tools":

Find Existing Ativites and choose Extranl Learning Tools

Use the inner scrollbar to get to the bottom of the section where it says "Create New LTI Link":

Choose Create New LTI Link

Give the assignment a title, paste the IVQ URL that you copied to the clipboard earlier, click on "Create and Insert":

Choose Create and Insert

In the Library, find the content you just created and click on the name (In this case "Assignment #3"):

Find the Assignment you just created

Bellow the video you should see an area title "Assessment", click on the plus icon:


Find the Assessment Section and add a new grade item

Give the Grade Item a name, I recommend naming it similar to the content i.e "Assignment #3 Grade":

Give the assessment a name related to your content

The Maximum Points defaults to 10, if you would like the assignment to be worth more or less edit this now, Click on "Create":

Change the maximum points and click create