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October 30, 2023

Follow these instructions to resolve the Turnitin LTI / Brightspace error:  "Warning:  An originality report could not be generated.  Message from Turnitin: You must supply user id when submitting as instructor"

November 02, 2023

Update:  Issue was resolved around 11am this morning.

Turnitin is investigating user reports of a potential service incident with Turnitin Feedback Studio, and iThenticate. Impacted services could be - Turnitin.com, TurnitinUK.com, Crossref Similarity Check & iThenticate.   All Stony Brook faculty and students can subscribe to the Turnitin status page for updates and notifications of future issues.  Visit: https://turnitin.statuspage.io/ and subscribe to updates.

Learn More About the Tools of Turnitin®

Creating Assignments

Information about creating, settings, resubmitting and paper deletions from the Content section of Brightspace (using the Turnitin LTI).

The Similarity Report

Understanding and accessing the Similarity Report.  The similarity score is a percentage of a paper's content that matches to Turnitin's databases.

PeerMark™ LTI

PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool. Instructors can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates.

Learn Everything About Turnitin®

This comprehensive list includes how to delete and resubmit papers, documents details and flags, and tools like Quickmark and Commenting to help make grading and feedback easier.

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