SOLAR Mobile

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A Service for Students

Students who access SOLAR using a mobile phone will experience the mobile version of select SOLAR pages: 

  • Messages, Holds and To-Dos
  • My Weekly Schedule
  • View My Grades
  • Enrollment Dates
  • My Course History
  • Account Summary/What Do I Owe?
  • Class Search
  • Add/Drop/Swap/Edit Classes

Features not available in the mobile version can be accessed by clicking the "full site" link.

Providing Feedback/Reporting Problems

If you are a student and you encounter a problem while working in SOLAR Mobile, please report your issue using the IT Service Management portal. Remember, as a workaround, you can always access the site from a desktop, tablet or laptop computer.

DoIT wants your feedback. Tell us what you think about the performance and usability of SOLAR Mobile. What features will you use the most? What features would you like to see added in the future?