SBU Reporting

SBU Reporting is a web-based delivery system that provides access to ready-made reports for academic and financial data. These reports are run from the data warehouse system that loads data daily from the university PeopleSoft ERP modules.

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Data Custodians

Access to University Data requires a legitimate educational or institutional purpose. Data custodians manage access via roles. Financial data are further secured through an individual’s access to information about departments and accounts.

Please contact a data custodian listed below to request access to these systems.

Data Areas and Data Custodians


Student Records / Enrollment                                                    Registrar's Office                                 

Graduate School                                                                          Melissa Jordan                                    


Undergraduate                                                                                 David Taiclet                                                     

Graduate and Health Sciences                                                       Richard MacDonald                                         

School of Professional Development                                           Lori Lyons                                                         


 Sara Lehmann              

 Michael Danielson

Accessing Stony Brook University Reporting (SBU Reporting)

WEST Campus PC

If you are logged on to your office PC with your SUNYSB.EDU NetID, go to the SBU Reporting website, and you will be logged on automatically.

For convenience, look for the desktop shortcut for “SBU Reporting”.  

SUB Reporting Icon
All other users

Use the Azure Virtual Desktop site:

InstructionsSBU Reporting via Azure Virtual Desktop Guide

If you are on the HSC or other campuses, are not connected remotely or directly using the SBU NetID, or using a Mac, follow the instructions above to access.

For convenience, you will want to bookmark this site or create a shortcut on your desktop.

How do I access reports


Depending on the area(s) where you have access, you will see navigation relating to business domains such as Finance, Admissions, and Student Records. Reports are organized within these areas in reporting libraries. To run a report, click on the report name. You will then be prompted with parameters.

For more information on navigation and exporting data to excel, see SBU Reporting Navigation and Export Guide.



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