Brightspace Implementation

Learn about the Brightspace timeline, recent news and the SUNY project site.

Brightspace Timeline

Winter 2023

Brightspace or Blackboard

  • Faculty use Blackboard or Brightspace for Winter 2023

Spring 2023

Use Brightspace*

  • All courses have Brightspace
  • *Blackboard is only available if instructors submitted a request.

Summer & Fall 2023

All Courses in Brightspace

  • All courses are in Brightspace
  • Course shells created after Wed 4/5/23 for Summer/Fall courses (Instructors will be notified via email)   
  • Students added to course shells after Friday 4/17/23.   Instructors can set course shells to inactive until they are ready for students to see the content

10/4/23, Fall 2023

Blackboard Retires

Recent News

Learn More

SUNY Project Site

The key question on everyone’s mind is timing—for training, for planning, for when the transition to SUNY’s new digital learning environment starts on your campus. It is the selection of your campus cohort that drives the timeline for your institution. Each cohort undergoes a three-phase process expected to take between 11-13 months.


Fireside Chats

SUNY offered weekly online Brightspace Fireside chat sessions, an informal opportunity to learn about and discuss the benefits and features of the Brightspace learning environment. Sign into your SUNY account to view the recordings.

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