Using Turnitin® for Plagiarism Detection within the Brightspace Assignment Tool



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You can set up Turnitin® to detect plagiarism within the Assignment Tool in Brightspace.  

  1. Create an Assignment
  2. Select Evaluation & Feedback
  3. At the bottom of the Evaluation & Feedback area, select Manage Turnitin

Image of Assignment settings in blackboard focusing on the "Evaluation & Feedback" options

  1. On the Turnitin® Integration Page:
  • Enable Grademark for this folder
  • Enable Originality Check for this folder
  • Click More Options in Turnitin® to specify:
    • Allowed File Types
    • What sources you want to compare against
    • Exclusions from Similarity Reports, etc.

Image of turnitin integration settings listed in step 4


Student Submissions:

Once assignments are submitted, students will receive an email that looks like this:

Andy Dwyer, this email is to confirm that your submission to assignment folder Reflection #1 was successful.


Viewing Student Submissions:

You can view Turnitin® Similarity Report (results) in two places in Brightspace:

  1. In the Assignment area
  2. In Grades

To learn more about Turnitin® similarity reports, please click here. 


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