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Last Updated: February 12, 2018

QIIME, the metagenomic and microbiome analysis pipeline, is available on SeaWulf as part of a custom Anaconda2 software environment.  To access QIIME first load the following packages:

module load shared
module load anaconda/2

Next, you will need to activate the QIIME-specific environment.  To access QIIIME1 (current stable release that is supported through the end of 2017), type the following into the shell:

source activate qiime1

If you would prefer to use QIIME2, type the following in the the shell to load the latest release of QIIME2:

source activate qiime2-2017.12

Once your preferred QIIME environment has been activated, you are ready to run analyses with QIIME.  

After you have finished with your QIIME analyses, you can return to the default Anaconda environment by typing the following in the shell (e.g., for QIIME2):

source deactivate qiime2-2017.12


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