Scanning Multiple Images and Documents with VueScan

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Starting with the Spring 2013 semester, DoIT will be using VueScan software on Macintosh computers which have scanners attached. VueScan is an advanced scanning software that incorporates many graphical editing tools as a part of its functionality and utility. Its high-end performance and stability aims at improving user experience by putting emphasis on the quality of the finished output.

Enabling and Scanning Multiple Documents

For users who desire to scan multiple documents at once, the option has to, by default, first be enabled.

  1. In the bottom-left hand side of the program window, in the Scanning Options area, click on “More”. This option will show more advanced settings in every Option Tab.
    Image of the More button for multi page scans.
  2. Click on the Input tab of the Option Tabs/Panel portion of the program window.
  3. Locate and check the “Multi page” option.
  4. Proceed to scan, one by one, every desired document.
    *For instructions on how to use VueScan to scan documents please refer Scanning Images and Documents with VueScan KB Article.
  5. At this time it is important that the settings for saving scanned images are checked and enabled. It is recommended to use either the TIFF or PDF save settings when using the “Multi page” scanning option. For instructions on how to save scanned images in VueScan please refer to steps 7-11 of the Scanning Images and Documents with VueScan KB Article.
  6. When the last document has been scanned and the save settings have been enabled, locate and press the “Last page” button near the Scan and Preview buttons.
    Image of the Last Page button for multi page scans.
  7. The scanned images will be saved to the specified path under the Output tab. The images will also be opened up in a specified External Viewer and External Editor should those options be enabled under the Preferences tab.

Addtional Information

For additional information regarding options and settings not covered in this guide please visit the VueScan User Guide at:


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