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Last Updated: October 23, 2019

Effective Fall 2018

All registered Stony Brook students are provided with a semester long quota of ~1500 pages ($75) in the SINC Sites, Health Sciences Library, and Residential Computing Centers or by using the Print From Anywhere service.   Funding for student printing comes from the Student Technology Fee.  Stony Brook uses the Pharos system to manage printing.   Students can access the Print Center to check the status of their jobs and their quota.  Color printing is now part of the student print quota, with color printing available in the Main Library SINC Site, Central Reading Room, and Health Science Center Library! 

In order to print, send print jobs to the print queue from a SINC Site computer, personal computer, iPad or other mobile devices using the Print From Anywhere softwareweb browser, or email. Students need their Stony Brook University ID card to release their print jobs.  

Single-sided pages print at a cost of $0.05 per page and double-sided pages print at a cost of $0.08 per sheet. Color printing costs $0.25 per page and double-sided pages print at a cost of $0.40 per sheet. Printing duplex, or on both sides of a sheet of paper, saves you money and saves trees!

Users who have run out of print quota for the semester can choose to put money on their Wolfie Wallet account and use the funds to supplement their print quota. When logged into a Pharos Release Station, both balances will be displayed.  If you have both print quota and funds on your Wolfie Wallet account, the print job will be charged to your print quota first.  When that runs out, the remaining balance will be charged against your Wolfie Wallet account. This type of transaction will take place using the Card Readers in the Main Library SINC Site, Central & North Reading Rooms and Engineering SINC Site.  

**Remember to print double sided whenever possible, it saves $$$ / quota and trees.

For More Information about Printing in a SINC Site visit this DoIT web page: 

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