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Navigate to a Page

  1. Near the top left, click Main Menu
  2. Select an item from the menu or hold your mouse over a folder to expand it.  Select a page to open it.
  3. Or, type the name of the page in the Search Menu box.


Go Back

  1. Use the "breadcrumbs" at the top to go back (do not use the back button on the browser to do this)
  2. Or, click Home in the upper right corner to return to the PeopleSoft Home Page.
    Image of navigation tips.


Save Often

If you are entering information, save (found at the bottom of most editable pages) frequently. If you are idle you may be timed out of your PeopleSoft session.

You may see the word "Processing" and Image of the Process wheel blinking in the right upper corner of the window. You must wait for it to stop blinking to continue.


Add to Favorites

  1. To bookmark a PeopleSoft page for easy access in the future, select Add to Favorites near the top right while viewing the page
    Image of navigation tips.


Sign Out

  1. When finished, select Sign out near the top right.
    Image of navigation tips.


Viewing Records

Use the options at the top right of the records list when viewing records.

Image of the other options toolbar

  • Customize - the data by personalizing the columns and changing the sort order
  • Find - a keyword among the records
  • View All - data with rather than scrolling through the pages
  • Image of the New Window button- Pops data into its own window
  • Image of the Download button - Download the data into a spreadsheet (you may have to scroll horizontally to see this button)
  • Image of the Next Record button - Use the arrows to scroll through the pages of data
  • Image of the Download to Excel button Some pages have a Download to Excel button. Click this button to download the information to an Excel spreadsheet


Options on the Bottom of Pages
Image if Save, Next and Preview buttons

  • Save – when entering data, save frequently
  • Return to Search - brings you back to the search page so that you can search for another record.
  • Next in List - brings you to the next record in the search result list. This is especially helpful when you are approving time sheets.


Using the Look up Function

Some fields have a Image of the Look up Iconmagnifying glass (Lookup button) next to them. Click this button to go to the Look Up page for this field.

For example, to find a 4-digit Zip code in the Look Up tool

  • Click the Look Up button to view all valid values
  • Use the left arrow and right arrow or View All to view additional options
  • Click a value to select it.
  • Click Cancel to return to the original page without selecting a value.
  • Click Clear to clear the search and start over.
    Image of the Look up screen

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