Merging Personal and Stony Brook Qualtrics Accounts

If you previously had a personal/non-SBU Qualtrics Account, you can merge that account with a new Stony Brook Qualtrics account for full access to the features Stony Brook Qualtrics have.

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Last Updated: January 10, 2022
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If you created a Qualtrics account at - instead of through Stony Brook University - your Qualtrics account may have limited features. You can merge that account into Stony Brook.

If you created surveys in the non-Stony Brook Account, see HAVE YOU STARTED COLLECTING DATA IN THE ACCOUNT YOU WANT TO BE MOVED? on Qualtrics' User Moves page to better understand your options.

Options for "Merging" Accounts

There are 2 options for moving your account: Manual Move (you manually move yourself) and User Move (Qualtrics moves you). See below and Qualtrics User Moves documentation for more information on each move type and why to choose one over the other.

Manual Move

  • If you have not started to collect data, and the account you want to be moved just has inactive surveys, consider a Manual Move .
  • If you have collected data in the past for a few surveys and do not plan on reopening the surveys, but want the surveys and data in your new account, consider a Manual Move.

Qualtrics User Move

  • If you have started to collect data and want to retain the same survey links, then see User Move Process.
  • If you have collected data in the past and have dozens or hundreds of surveys to move, or plan on reopening old surveys, check out the Qualtrics User Move Process.

Alternatively, if your account is empty or you just want it deleted so you can use the email address for a different account, see Account Deletion.

Troubleshooting non-Stony Brook Accounts

If you can't access your non-Stony Brook account, reach out to Qualtrics support by clicking Contact Support on the User Moves Qualtrics page for login help. 

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