Making a Brightspace Course Available (Active) or Unavailable (Inactive) to Students

Brightspace courses are available (active) by default.

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Your Brightspace course sites are available to students by default as soon as they are created.  Students will see the course sites the next day after they officially registered for courses.  If it is your preference, you may make them inactive (unavailable to students)  while you add content.  However, be sure to make your course active (available to students) again so your students can access course materials and syllabi.

Your Brightspace course sites are usually available for you to begin adding course materials during:

  • early November for  Winter and Spring semesters
  • early April for Fall and  Summer semesters

Making a Course Active or Inactive

  1. Hover over a course tile in the My Course list and click on the 3-dots that appear and then click on Course Offering Information
    *You can also find the Course Offering Information page in Course Admin
  2. Under ActiveCheck off  "Course is Active" to make the course visible to students.  Or uncheck it to hide it from student view.
  3. Click Save.

When a course is inactive, on the Stony Brook Brightspace home page, the instructor will see an INACTIVE sticker on the course (the Inactive sticker has a slight delay; it will appear a few minutes after you have made a course inactive and will stay for a few minutes after you make a course active).

brightspace course home with 2 courses: one with an inactive note on it indicating it is inactive

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