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Last Updated: October 13, 2017

Current Version

JAGS-4.2.0 is installed on the system, and can be loaded as a module:

module load JAGS/4.2.0

Using JAGS

After loading the JAGS module, the JAGS terminal can be launched by typing jags into the shell.  However, this error will appear:

Welcome to JAGS 4.2.0 on Mon Jan 30 12:46:58 2017
JAGS is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
Loading module: basemod: ok

Loading module: bugs: file not found

This is because OpenBLAS needs to be loaded:

module load openblas/dynamic/0.2.18

The error will disappear upon loading the OpenBLAS module.

JAGS can also be run in R via the R2jags package.  In order to run R2jags, load the above modules along with:

module load R/3.3.2

An example PBS script for running R2jags can be found here:


Using JAGS within R

JAGS can be run in R via the R2jags package.  In order to run R2jags, load the following modules:

module load shared
module load JAGS/4.2.0
module load openblas/dynamic/0.2.18
module load R/3.3.2

To access R, type R into the shell.  From within R, the following command will load the R2jags package:


An example PBS script for running R2jags jobs can be found here:


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