Linking a Brightspace Course to an Echo360 Section

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Created: 08/10/2022 Last Updated: 03/26/2024
  1. Navigate to a Brightspace course and add a Module to the course content. 
  2. Add an Existing Activity to the module then select External Learning Tools. 
  3. From the list of Tool Providers, select Echo360 Course
  4. The new link, Echo360 Course, automatically appears in the module you created. Click the link to launch the Echo360 linking process.
  5. Use the drop-down box to select a Section in Echo360 to link this Brightspace course to
  6. Then, select where you want them to redirect: The Link to the Section Home option is selected by default (This directs users to the main class list of the identified section).
    See Linking an LMS course to an Echo360 Classroom if you want to create multiple links to different classes in the section. The process is the same as appears here, but you will need to repeat it for each class you want to link.
  7. Click LINK CONTENT.

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