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Last Updated: April 01, 2017

For students - the initial SOLAR password is their date of birth in mmddyy format (example: December 5, 1973 would be typed as 120573).

For faculty/staff (or if they are both a student and an employee) - the initial SOLAR password can be obtained by clicking the SOLAR Password Help link on the SOLAR Login page. Enter your Stony Brook ID and click Submit. A password will be electronically generated and instructions for how to construct your password will be sent to all e-mail addresses listed in the University's PeopleSoft system.

After logging in with the initial (or reset) password, a prompt will appear to change it. The password should contain a combination of letters, numbers and symbols and be something that is easy to remember but difficult for others to guess (avoid common words or names).

  • NEVER share your SOLAR password with anyone!

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