Including FFTW3 in a Project

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FFTW version 3.3.4 is available for use with both intel and gcc compilers.  Two environment variables are created upon loading the fftw3/openmpi/gcc/64/3.3.4 module.  $FFTWINCLUDE stores the include path for the headers.  $FFTWDIR stores the linked library path.

Whether compiling for intel, pass the appropriate flags:

            mpiicc my_project.c –o my_project –l fftw3 –I $FFTWINCLUDE –L $FFTWDIR

This will make sure that your program finds the fftw3.h header and the linked library.

The same can be done with gcc, but libm must also be linked:

            mpicc my_project.c –o my_project –l fftw3 –I $FFTWINCLUDE –L $FFTWDIR -lm

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