How to use the GPU Nodes on SeaWulf

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Last Updated: December 04, 2019

SeaWulf has 8 nodes containing 4 Tesla K80 GPUs each.  One node with 2 Tesla P100 GPUs is also available.  

To access the GPU nodes, you can submit to the GPU queue using the SLURM workload manager.

module load slurm/17.11.12
sbatch [...]

You can open an interactive shell onto a gpu node with the following:

srun -J [job_name] -N 1 -p gpu --ntasks-per-node=28 --pty bash

If you want to use CUDA to take advantage of GPU acceleration, you will need to load the modules, then compile it with NVCC

module load cuda91/toolkit/9.1

For a sample CUDA program, see:



The GPU queues have the following attributes:


Default run time

Max run time

Max # of nodes

gpu 1 hour 8 hours 2
gpu-long 8 hours 48 hours 1
gpu-large 1 hour 8 hours 4
p100 1 hour 24 hours 1


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