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Last Updated: December 12, 2023
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It takes 24 hours for the Appointment Extension to be processed in the system.  In other words, if you extent the appointment on 5/28, your student assistant will not be able to enter hours worked until the 5/29.

Students are hired for the Fall/Spring and the Summer Terms. If a student that is currently working for you in the Fall/Spring is going to stay for the Summer you can “extend” their existing assignment. This is also true for students that are working for you in the Summer and will continue to work for you in the upcoming Fall/Spring. 

In order to use the Appointment Extension function the Term must be a consecutive term. If they skip a Term, you must create a new assignment and hire them into this new assignment for the new Term. For instance, if the student’s Fall/Spring assignment ended in the Spring and they are not going to work in the Summer but will be returning the following Fall you cannot “extend” their assignment. The existing assignment will end and you can hire them into a new assignment for the new term. 

The student must be “cleared” to work for the new term. You will receive an error message when you try to extend a student who is not cleared to work in the new term. 

You may begin processing appointment extensions in SOLAR starting 5/1 for Summer extensions and 8/1 for Fall extensions. They should be completed before the end of the current term. 

  1. Log into SOLAR:  www.stonybrook.edu/solarsystem 
  2. Under Manage Student Workforce, click Appointment Extension
  3. Enter the Department ID and the student’s Stony Brook ID (into the EmplID field) OR Enter the Assignment number.
  4. Click Search
  5. Enter the New School Term.  Enter a New Hourly Rate, if necessary.
    • Understanding the Term Codes:
    • The two middle numbers represent the year and the last number represents the Term: 
      1. 1  11   4 = Spring  2011
      2. 1  11   6 = Summer 2011
      3. 1  11   8 = Fall 2011
  6.  Click Save
    • If the Student is cleared to work the New Appt Start/Appt End Date will be displayed.
    • The Intnl Max and Reg Max fields display weekly max hour restrictions for students, if applicable.
    • FWS Award Amt displays accepted Federal Work Study Award amount for the newly cleared term, if applicable.
    • A nightly process will run that will change the Status from Pending to Completed and the assignment will be updated with the new hourly rate (if changed) and the Start and End Date for the new Term. 
    • If the student is not cleared to work a message is displayed when you click Save.
  7. To extend another student, click the Return to Search button.

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