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What you should know before your complete this form.

1. You must submit a completed request form no less than 5 weeks prior to the registration open date.  All fields must be complete. 

2. If your event requires registration fees, you must  have your account approved by the University Controller prior to submitting your form.   Do Not submit this form without the approved account number.

3. The approved method of payment is:  Credit Card.  Offline payment options include: Purchase Order, Journal Transfer, Material Service Voucher, Check and/or Cash.    If  offline payments are accepted, it will be up to the event coordinator to collect these payments directly and to reconcile the event. 

4. Should you wish to accept Check and/or Cash payments, you will be required to obtain approval from the Bursar’s Office.  You must obtain their approval prior to submitting this form.  You will also need to review the IFR Procedural Manual.

Note:  The system is designed to accept Credit Card payments.  If an attendee selects any other form of payment, he or she will receive an email confirming their registration for the event.  As the event coordinator, you will need to confirm receipt of payment.

5. Event requests are processed in the order they are received.

Submit any questions to SBevents@stonybrook.edu.

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