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Last Updated: August 11, 2020
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From time to time, AV Services will cycle out older format equipment and cease offering services that are inconsistent with the Division of Information Technologies core mission. Please refer back to this article for a listing of services which will no longer be offered by AV Services, and equipment which will no longer be available for loan.

Please visit any of our Service Counter locations or contact us via the Supported By info referenced in this article with any questions.


DVD Duplication

Optical Disc & Flash Media Duplication: 12/31/2015

As of 12/31/2015, AV Services will no longer provide Optical Disc (CD, DVD) and Flash Media (USB) duplications. Beginning 1/1/2016, users requesting duplication services will be directed to University supported streaming and digital file-sharing services. 


Overhead Projector

Overhead (Transparency) Projectors: 5/20/2016

As of 5/20/2016, AV Services will no longer place Overhead (transparency) Projectors in classrooms. Beginning 5/23/2016 (the start of the 2016 Academic Year), faculty may instead request portable overhead projectors or digital projection visualizers, such as document cameras, to use with transparency slides. Portable Overhead Projectors may be requested from the Audio Visual Service Counter at the Javits Lecture Center, while visualizers may be requested from the Service Counter location supporting the specific classroom the equipment will be utilized in. AV Services recommends faculty consult with the TLT Teaching Learning Lab for help with converting existing transparency slides into a digital format so they are both portable and easily presented in all technology equipped classrooms.
Please note requests for equipment must be performed on a per-class basis (picked up before the class start time, and returned after the class end time).


Adapter Support: 8/18/2017

As of 8/18/2017, loan of display adapters will no longer be supported.  For users bringing their own device, best practice would be to preemptively obtain a display adapter for any device that has a mini or micro connector.  Starting 8/21/2017, wireless display devices may be borrowed from any AV support office (Frey & HSC in-building only).

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