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Last Updated: July 16, 2014

To create a new VoiceThread, follow these instructions:

1. In any web browser, go to and sign in using your NetID and NetID Password.

2. In the upper-left corner, click Create.

3. Click Upload and choose a location to upload the desired files from.

  • My Computer: Allows you to search your computer for content to upload.
  • Media Sources: Allows you to choose content from VoiceThread's Media Sources.
  • URL: Allows you to upload content from a website.
  • My Webcam: Allows you to upload a video you record with your webcam.

4. Once you have uploaded the desired content, click Comment on the left to start leaving comments on your content.

5. Click Comment on the "slide" you want to leave your comments on and choose from the following options:

  • Phone: Allows you to enter your phone number.  VoiceThread will call this number and allow you to leave an audio comment via telephone.
  • Webcam: Allows you to record a video comment using your computer's webcam.
  • Audio: Allows you to record an audio comment using your computer's microphone.
  • Text: Allows you to enter in a text comment.
  • Upload: Allows you to upload a comment that you have pre-recorded on your computer.
  • ***Annotation: VoiceThread allows you to "draw" on the "slide" to emphasize certain parts or to let your audience know what you're referring to.  Annotations are available once you start recording any of the above comment types.

6. Next, click Share in the upper-left and then Get Link to share your VoiceThread with others and choose from the following options:

  • Allow Anyone to View: Check this box if you want to allow anyone to view it, even if the VoiceThread is not shared with them directly.
  • Comment: Check this box if you want to allow anyone who can view the VoiceThread to comment.  
  • Moderate Comments: Check this box if you want to be able to moderate comments (see comments and decide whether you want them to be displayed or not).
  • Show on Browse Page: Check this box if you want your VoiceThread to appear on the browse page on the VoiceThread website.


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