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Last Updated: November 02, 2018


1. Click on the Create Project button after you have logged in. A modal will show up with options.

2. Brief explanations of the options:

  • Create your own
    • Blank Survey Project: Choosing this option will lead to a survey that starts from scratch. There is not pre-existing information.
    • Create from Existing: Chosing this option will prompt you to choose an exisitng project that you can make a copy of, a library, or from a file. 
  • Templates 
    • These are templates that you can choose and edit.

Follow the instructions to complete the setup of your survey. Then click on Create Project on the bottom right. You will then be redirected to the screen below.

a. The title of your survey will be shown here as well as the top of the page.

b. This is a question block. Each question block is displayed as one page in your survey.

c. This area includes the settings to the question that is currently selected. You can change the type of questions and how it is displayed.

d. The "Create a New Question" button will create a new question within the the question block it is encapsulated by.

e. The "Add Block" link will create a new question block. Each question block is displayed as separate pages in your survey.

f. The "Preview" buttton will show you an example of how this survey will look. On the right, the "Analyze and Publish" button will make your survey live and allow you to share the survey via the displayed link.


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