Walk-up Media Station Classroom Help Guide

This is a general help guide for all classrooms with this style touch panel. While the steps and location of buttons are the same regardless of which style room you are in, there may be slight discrepancies in font, color, options and icons, dependent on the slight differences in hardware.

Please note that some photos include imagery of a computer mounted inside the wall mounted media station. In rooms such as E4310, E3415, E4320, and E4330 in the Library, as well as SBS S218 & S228, the computer is located within the lectern. 

For specific details about your classroom, please refer to the Installed Classroom Equipment Guide or contact AV.

Audience: Faculty, Staff and Teaching Assistants

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Last Updated: July 06, 2023
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If you are using the installed computer, log in using your NetID and Password, then skip to Step 2 below for powering on and operating the media system.


Example of a computer located within a lectern.                Example of a computer located within a media station


Step 1: Connect your device to the media station.