Brightspace (D2L) Training Options

D2L Brightspace has been selected as the new digital learning environment (DLE) for all SUNY schools. There are several options.
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Last Updated: May 12, 2023
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There are several ways you can get training on Brightspace:

DoIT Provided Training

SUNY Provided Training

Brightspace Provided Training

Getting Brightspace Help

DoIT Provided Training


Overview DoIT Training Events

DoIT provides short, overview webinars on Brightspace. These are not hands-on trainings. These webinars showcase the tools in Brightspace that may differ from Blackboard, yet save time, increase efficiency, and positively impact student learning. Find all DoIT training events in Events tab at the top of every DoIT web page.

DoIT ATS Student Techs also offer training on Brightspace. Find those events in SB Engaged (and on the IT Events Calendar).


Brightspace Training Materials

Missed a Brightspace Mini Byte? View the materials here:


Setting up Your Course


Brightspace Tools


Cleaning up in Blackboard

  • Cleaning up Your Courses in Blackboard before Moving to Brightspace: Slides


SUNY Provided Training

Asynchronous Modules: Experience Brightspace as a Student

As an instructor, you have access to SUNY's asynchronous Brightspace course, which has several modules with information and assessments to help you learn about Brightspace while experiencing it as a student. If you complete the all modules/assessments, you'll even receive a certificate!

This is the best way to get hands on training actually using Brightspace. Here's how to access and complete these modules: 

  1. In a web browser, go to (*SUNY's Brightspace), click Network login, select campus Stony Brook, and sign in (NetID)
    *These modules are in SUNY's instance of Brightspace; you will not see your Stony Brook Brightspace courses there
  2. Click the course selector and select the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Modules Course
  3. In the Content area of this course, view the modules and complete the end-of-module assessments

Access the ASYNC Modules 


Hands on Training 

SUNY offers several live training events. To register, select SUNY Sign In and sign in with NetID, then select training levels Spark or Ignite for the hands-on, synchronous learning. To learn more about the training levels and the instructors visit the SUNY CPD DLE Training Overview page.



Recordings of Past Sessions

You can also review the recordings of past SUNY Training sessions on the SUNY DLE  website at Sign in by clicking SUNY Federated Login, choose your campus (if prompted), and then enter your NetID and NetID password. Then, in the top right, select Training and then Recordings.

training > recordings


Brightspace Provided Training

Brightspace offers general webinars about their tools; these are available live and in pre-recorded format (**The links below require login to the Brightspace Community). 

Note: We use  the Classic Content Version (not Lessons/New Content Experience, which is designed for K-12 use)

Browse Brightspace Training Webinars

Get started with Brightspace with these webinar topics:

  • Session 1: Getting Started with Brightspace
  • Session 2: The ABCs of Content (Classic Content Version)

Visit the Brightspace YouTube channel for playlists of quick tutorials (Semester Start for Instructors, Learners) and to learn more about the Brightspace Community to find answers, share knowledge, and connect with each other

Getting Brightspace Help

We have access to SUNY's Brightspace support team, which offers phone and chat support for extended hours, including evenings/nights and weekends. The SUNY phone help line prompts for status (Faculty, student, etc.). See Brightspace Support via SUNY Helpdesk near the bottom right of this page for more information.

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