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Last Updated: August 21, 2023
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Faculty and Full-Time Staff members have inherent permissions to borrow equipment and may do so from any of the Service Counters.

To do so, log on to https://stonybrook.webcheckout.net/patron.

  • For assistance in selecting the proper Service Counter and how to use the Patron Portal, view our documentation below.

Teaching assistants, teaching graduates, Ph.D. candidates, and undergraduate students may borrow equipment for classroom instruction in one of two ways:

  1. A reservation can be made on their behalf by a Faculty or full-time staff member by having them log on to the Patron Portal (http://stonybrook.webcheckout.net/patron) and adding the designee’s name and SBU ID# as an authorization to release. This information should be added as a “note to Checkout Center” during the reservation process.

  2. Alternatively, the designee can be granted access to the Patron Portal by a Faculty or full-time staff member by emailing classrooms@stonybrook.edu, requesting they be granted authorization*.

This allows the designee full access to our catalog of reservable equipment.

  1. The messaging must contain the following information:

  • The name and Stony Brook ID Number of the student;
  • The academic purpose for the equipment being borrowed;
  • A list of the equipment being requested;
  • A statement in which the Faculty or full-time staff member takes full responsibility for the correct operation of the equipment, as well as its safe and timely return to the originating Checkout Center.

Reference this link (Patron Portal Approval Letter) for a guide on how to craft the above letter of authorization.

Please note that all authorizations expire at the end of the Semester/Session that the class is being taught, unless specifically noted for a longer time frame.

* Authorizations are only valid for the equipment requested and others at equal or lesser monetary value. New authorizations will be required for higher value equipment.

Equipment is generally released for the duration of a class or academic event with consideration for the time required to set it up and break it down.

Equipment borrowed must be returned to the Checkout Center it is requested from, and all designees will be asked to present their University ID card. In order to ensure no delays in delivery of service, please submit reservations with a minimum of 24 hours in advance before the pickup time.

Reservations are not confirmed until they appear as approved in your Patron Portal account and/or you receive a confirmation email from Classrooms@stonybrook.edu.

For guidance on how to use the Patron Portal, follow the link(s) below:

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