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Working with someone who did you solid?  Send a short shout-out to thank your IT coworker in IT or bring attention to a great service they provided, no matter how big or small! 

DoIT is collecting and distributing feedback to help recognize the good that happens on a daily basis in IT. The information will be displayed on the DoIT webpage. Shout IT Out and help create a positive work environment for everyone. We hope this program helps cultivate a more fun, productive and engaging workplace which will help us attain what Shawn Achor describes as the “Happiness Advantage”, according to researcher Shawn Achor (see more here: video or article).  

Additionally, you may want to consider nominating your shout-out for a Core Value Award.


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What's Been Shared


From: Jackie Castaldo
To:Michael Castro
Michael is always extremely helpful, goes out of his way to provide assistance & additional information/clarifying details when needed. His customer service is excellent and turnaround prompt! Thank you for being such a great asset to the DoIT team!!
From: Jaime Wicks
To:Chauncey Clark
I just wanted to say how helpful Chauncey was to both myself and our office. He was a huge help in getting our machines set up and running, as well as troubleshooting some of my specific set up issues. He was extremely professional and took the time that was needed to make sure we were up and running :) He is a great asset to the team! Thanks for all of your help Chauncey!


From: Jan Tassie
To: Chauncey Clark
You are doing a great job servicing Financial Aid. Thank you for all you do. Jan
From: Raquel Wright
To: Michael Ospitale
Theresa O'Connell has been truly outstanding, she helped me resolve an issue that has been tossed around since the beginning of September. Theresa has gone above and beyond to resolve the issue on a timely manner. Her professionalism is reflected in her exceptional customer service.
From: Michele Lake
To: Customer Engagement Team

The CES team has been unbelievably supportive on numerous projects. The Stony Brook Union was a huge project, and could not have gone as smoothly without their support.

They are friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. I wish I knew about this sooner, I apologize for sending this so late!

From: Jason Kanaris
To: Ricard von Rauchhaupt
He's awesome. That is all.
From: Pam Michaels
To: Michael Castro
Thanking Michael for his guidance and patience in his first time as Chairman of a CES search committee.
From: Pam Michaels
To: Hassan Joseph and Tara Mazovec
Thank you for your participation in getting the student recognition award- IT STAR Recognition Program initiated.


From: Antonina Nadrowski
To: Chauncey Clark
Thank you so much for helping me when my computer chased. You are amazing at your job. Way to go.
From: Deborah Britton-Riley
To: Chauncey Clark
Chauncey Clark has provided such exemplary service to my office, New Students and Transition Programs. We are a central office for Welcome Week and Chauncy has addressed every issue we've encountered as we sought to access new laptops, access the university secure network and provide technical assistance if and when we experienced issues managing these processes. Chauncey is extremely organized, provided direct, succinct information allowing our issues to be solved and was quite thorough in his presentation of this information. I greatly and sincerely appreciate the assistance he has provided , his thorough manner, and the generosity of his spirit.
From: JoAnn Lenahan
To: Chauncey Clark
A BIG Shout Out to Chauncey He is always there to help you out, answer your questions, and does it while being very patient and professional.
Thank you, so much I really appreciate all of your help!
From: Pam Michaels
To: The Networking Team- Behzad, Christian, Kevin, Corey, Artur
Shout out goes to the Networking Team for their participation at DoIT- Student Employee Boot Camp 2022
Behzad for his 30 years of Boot Camp participation and the Networking team who stepped in this year for a fantastic interactive filled presentation at the last minute.
From: Panithan Yamniyom
To: Nichole Gladky
Shout out to Nichole who is one of the most pleasant, most helpful people at this University! Whenever we refer a customer to her for training and tips, she always delivers!! Even in a brief email, the content she delivers is clear and concise and extremely helpful!
From: JoAnn Lenahan
To: Diana Voss
Thank you, Diana, for sharing the information for NERCOMP and for your guidance.
From: Diana Voss
To: Mark Carroll & Saskya Barresi
For stepping up during Brightspace Implementation and taking on responsibility that was not part of the original plan. Had the two of you not done so, we would not be where we are today .... thank you so much for all of your help!
From: Diana Voss
To: Jennifer Adams, Julie Sharma, Kristin Hall, Kristy Bunton, Kyle Adams, Nichole Gladky, Rich Stein, Tara Mazovec
Changing an LMS is not an easy task and had it not been for all of you, our instructors and students would not have adequate resources to begin this journey. Thank you all for your "we can do this together" attitude and for the help you provide each and every day to our faculty and students. How fortunate I am to be part of such a team!


From: Catherine Drew
To: Anthony Italiano
Thank you so much for your help with On Base! I appreciate your help and quick response so time sensitive material could be sent to the appropriate team. The additional tricks and guidance you provided will make using On Base so much easier. You went the extra mile and provided 120% support when it was needed most.
From: Biagio Castaldo
To: Ralph Molaro
Outstanding IT Partner!
I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Ralph Molaro's outstanding willingness to help, without any hesitation. Time and time again Ralph steps up!
I couldn't thank Ralph enough. I am so grateful he is part of the SBU Team!
Thank You :)


From: Rachael Redhead
To: Pam Michaels
Thank you for the quick turnaround with the student recruitment for the Service Desk - The phone screens were very helpful!!
From: Laurie Christiansen
To: Jason Macagnone and Sandy Jansson
We had a parent having an issue with delegated access to her daughter's student account contact the Service Desk. This parent was extremely frustrated to say the least. She chose to take her frustration out on staff members of the Office of Student Financial Service along with Jason and Sandy by being extremely rude, yelling, cursing and name calling. Jason and Sandy were beyond professional when speaking with her, trying to ascertain the problem, trying to defuse her anger and the inevitable transfer of the call to Student Financial Services. Their calm demeanor was truly welcomed by us in the Office of Student Financial Services. Hats off to them. Turns out the parent was on the wrong website when trying to access SOLAR.


From: Kyle Adams
To: Nichole Gladky
Nichole, thank you so much for all of your help over the past two months after I started here. Coming into a new position can be really intimidating and you've always been so supportive and helpful with getting me acclimated to the University.
From: Kelly Clayton
To: Kevin Nolan
I want to drop a note and thank Kevin Nolan. Kevin, I appreciate you rearranging your plans and making accommodations on such short notice so we can get the floors cleaned in the ECC switch room. I know it was a hassle but, as always, you were amenable and a team player. I know it was not easy and I just wanted to let you know appreciate you!
From: Sabrina Cerezo
To: Joseph Montelione
Thank you, Joe, for always being so incredibly responsive, for resolving issues presented to you so expeditiously, and for always providing thorough, detailed and thoughtful explanations on matters presented to you. Joe is a tremendous asset to the DoIT team and to SBU!
From: Aimee Minton
To: Jason Dayton
Jason is always very helpful, patient and professional. I am always impressed with how quickly he can figure out any issue with myresearch and fix it. Jason and Joe are the "dynamic duo" of myresearch. Many thanks to the both of you for your hard work in keeping the research at SBU moving forward!


From: Heather J McLaughlin
To: Ellie Wang

I am continually impressed with Ellie's professionalism and work ethic. During the current OCI Implementation, Ellie has assembled a list of outstanding issues that we need the Vendor to fix. She presented this list to the DoIT team and the Vendor on Friday, 4/1. Her presentation of the situation was well laid out and concise. She stayed calm and didn't waive on the points as the Vendor looked to redirect issues. Thank you Ellie for all your hard work on this project!

From: Rachael Redhead
To: Terry O'Connell

Thank you for your guidance and recommendations regarding the docking station. You are always willing to help and a pleasure to work with!

From: Lisa Vertucci (Dimone)
To: Chandan Chandra, Patricia Gallo, Silvina Costazos, Lalit Bhatia, Hasan Chowdhury, Anthony Italiano, Cleveland Levi Andrew Kirsch

I am so grateful for this team. From implementing OnBase and helping create a variety of solution to manage our workflows of documents using information from Slate, OnBase and PeopleSoft, we now have a Worklist in PeopleSoft that takes 3 minutes to run and saved me from being the "workflow". I love Google Sheets but less is more, and this team removed hours of work that came with Slate, OnBase and the removal of Nolij. Thank you for listening and creating an ideal solution. I know you hear from me a lot and I am amazed at what you accomplish. I will keep problem solving, thank you for helping make the solutions a reality.

From: Mauro Nicoletto
To: Lorraine Cannavale

I just wanted to say that Lorraine is an awesome team member. Anytime we run short on students or professionals she is ready, willing, and able to have her team assist us, no questions asked. It's really her can-do attitude that we appreciate the most. I am proud to work on the same team as her!

From: Edward Brunet Jr
To: HSC AV Staff

As a MSE (Media Service Engineer) Tech we cover a lot of this University: West, East, South and Southampton. Our offices are based on west campus and it is not easy to diagnosis or gather supplies to fix issues on East campus. The gentlemen in HSC do a great job and provide a great partnership on collaborating technical issues on their side of campus so that our MSE team can fix the issue knowing what we are walking into with providing us the information needed for us to have the right tools and materials for a quick repair. My hats off to all of you on the East campus in HSC!!

From: Pam Michaels
To: Jason Macagnone

Thank you Jason for assisting with my phone WIFI issues and always being so accommodating and kind.

From: Jason Macagnone
To: John Hanges

I had to escalate a hardware issue to John for a remote customer, and he was a big help in resolving the issue!

From: John Hanges
To: Jason Macagnone

Jason, is always pleasant and helpful when I call for assistance. He helped me to resolve several issues. He is patient and has a great attitude.

From: Susan Gasparo
To: Joseph Montelione

Thanks Joe for all your work on our upgrade project! Your efforts, skills and helpful attitude have made this a great success! Hope you enjoy your much deserved vacation time!

From: Pam Michaels
To: Dominick LoGuidice

Thanks so much for always being so attentive to my PeopleSoft requests!


From: Martin Tessler
To: James Doyle

James has stepped up and helped out with our Pinnacle upgrade. Pinnacle is the system that allows DoIT to bill for telephony services. James went above and beyond and worked with the vendor to get us past the first step of the upgrade, and will help out w/ the last step. He led the charge to make things happen. Kudos to James!

From: Henry Joseph
To: Helen Mo

This Shout Out is going to Helen Mo for continuing to make improvements to the REACT Password Reset System. These improvements will ultimately make it easier for our students to manage their passwords and avoid unwanted aggravation. Helen and her supervisor Fang Peng continue to push forward new enhancements that make for a more resilient solution without compromising security. These improvements are a win-win for everyone involved.

From: Andrew Kirsch
To: Behzad Barzideh

What can I say about Behzad? He is passionate, extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and did I say passionate? He explains complicated things in ways that are easy to understand, finds the straight path to solutions when others of us aren't, and truly cares about doing good work. He gives honest and well-considered advice and contributes something positive and valuable to every conversation he is part of. Thanks Behzad for all of your tireless efforts on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) project, and for everything you do.

From: John Adamo
To: Greg Davis

Greg Davis has been very supportive and helpful during my two years here at Stony Brook and always takes the time to assist me in learning the skills and the tricks of the trade, especially with technical issues we may face in the Audio Video control side of things here at Stony Brook, and for that I sincerely thank him! Go Seawolves!!!

From: John Adamo
To: Ed Brunet

Ed Brunet and myself started here at Stony Brook at the very same time and in the very same department... all at the height of the pandemic. Ed has always been very outgoing and very eager and happy to help both myself and others with their projects... both large and small alike. He is highly organized and a great asset to our team, and for that I am truly appreciative and grateful!!!

From: Eileen Keck
To: Jeff Bilello

Jeff is always pleasant and ready to assist in supporting upgrade issues for the Tableau server. He also helps to identify and resolve servers, networks, etc. issues as needed. He has a good understanding of when an issue is urgent and is quick to act. He is an asset to the Stony Brook team. Thanks for being there when we need you, Jeff!!

From: David Ecker
To: Pan Yamniyom

Thank you for always being there to answer questions related to Learning Spaces. It's great to know a dedicated team is always there to help.

From: Pam Michaels
To: Nichole Gladky

Thanks for assisting in my Qualtrics questions and being so patient!


From: Pam Michaels
To: Mickey Wongtangswad

Thank you for solving our Pharos issues so promptly here in ECC!


From: Victor Montanez
To: Brian Heller and Eric Rosenberg

I want to take the time to appreciate Brian Heller and Eric Rosenberg who consistently go above and beyond what is expected.

I have been extremely impressed by your leadership skills, your work ethic, and your enthusiastic attitude. Your success continues to shine through, from project to project

You're certainly an asset to Stony Brook University and we know DoIT wouldn't be what it is without people like you.

I want to thank you again for all of your dedicated work and sincere efforts.


From: Rachael Redhead
To: Tricia Friedman
Thank you for organizing the Adopt A Family event! I'm glad that IT was able to assist in bringing joy to the family during the holiday season.
From: Frances Kelley
To: Kathy MacDonald
Thanks, Kathy, for help with problems large and small, and for pointing me in the right direction on any IT/tech question.
From: Cathy Barile
To: Cedric Carty
A big thank you for taking the time to stop by my office today to help me with my Google Drive. Your effort, direction and patience were greatly appreciated!
From: Philip Doesschate
To: John Hanges

"Oracle recently changed the licensing model for their Java products. In short, Java products released after 8u202 and 7u80 now need to be covered by a paid license. In addition, Oracle stopped addressing security flaws in the older, free, license versions. There are over 80 known significant vulnerabilities in the 8u202 alone.

We needed to test the impact of JAVA upgrades and removals from devices in several areas known to actively use JAVA. John volunteered to do that because most of the Stony Brook Research Office devices use JAVA and he was concerned about the impact on his customer base. He took the lead running tests with H/R and Procurement department devices. He not only tested it in these departments, but took the lead in actually fully updating the devices in these areas as needed.

So, thank you John for your careful testing. The tests you performed helped in refining the automated approach for bringing devices that need JAVA up to date and removing it from devices not in need of the products. Your work ultimately helped make thousands of devices more secure and bring us into alignment with current Oracle Java licensing terms."

From: Philip Doesschate
To: Michael Thaxter
Michael Thaxter has automated the BIOS update process for DoIT managed Windows devices. The process now allows many hundreds of devices to be updated within a few hours. As a result most of the managed devices now routinely run the most recent available BIOS. As most BIOS updates are released to address security flaws, applying BIOS updates in a timely manner makes the devices more secure.


From: Diana Voss
To: John Berwick
For always being so helpful and non judgmental when I ask questions about classroom technology! I always enjoy our interactions!


From: Tamara L. Gregorian
To: Nicole Gladky
Nicole has graciously come to my rescue on many occasions. She is patient, kind, and never makes me feel like I've asked a dumb question. When I first started, she set up a one-on-one meeting to go over some tips and tricks to help make me more efficient at my job. I really can't thank her enough.
From: D Brennan
To: Kathy
Kathy is the best! I was waiting for Doit to respond to my help ticket when I saw Kathy in our hallway. I stopped to say hello and she offered to come to my office and help when she was done with her next client. She is so friendly and knowledgable... I always love when she comes to help me. Thanks Kathy!
From: Colin Pilkington
To: Biagio Castaldo
Biagio has helped me, and by extension our department out tremendously, not only with computer problems, but in suggesting ways to improve our work flow and helping us get computer tech. This man is amazing, and a great asset to the University!
From: Carolyn Osiecki
To: Biagio Castaldo
Biagio has gone above and beyond for our department. He always has a smile on, though he is masked up these days (LOL) and has a great positive attitude. He is there for us when our computers need swapping out, getting the duo-connections right, setting up the printers. You name it, Biagio takes care of our department. Thank you Biagio!
From: Philip Doesschate
To: Stuart Campbell, Fang Peng, Shih-Liang Yen, Andrew Kirsch, Chandan Chandra

Evolving browser standards and browser versions caused issues with the SOLAR Payments functions. This caused issues and many phone calls to the Help Desk and other administrative offices from parents and students trying to pay their semester bills, TOPP bills, traffic tickets, etc.

Happily, the problem has been solved through the intelligence, hard work and common sense of Stuart, Fang, Shih-Liang, Andrew and Chandan. About a month ago they devised and implemented a workaround that allows this function to operate flawless. Simultaneously they worked with our software suppliers to make them aware of the issue and test the proposed official solution.

From: Raymond Chan on Behalf of Dr. Marvin O'Neal
To: Paul St. Denis
I just had a minor emergency during a Competency Exam for 950 students over here in Biology ... Paul wrote a custom formula on a Google Sheet that auto graded an exam output, basically saving me hours of work over the weekend. I'm sure you already know this, but Paul is incredible. We use his online "games" for teaching and his resource-tools for assessment. For nearly 15 years, Paul and I have worked together and he has demonstrated brilliant creativity and a remarkable work ethic.
From: Rachael Redhead
To: Kelly Clayton, Curtis Charles , Tricia Friedman, Julie Sharma
The trivia game was so much fun! Thank you all for putting it together!!
From: Pam Michaels
To: Diana V, Jarrod M, Henry J
Thank you for generosity in contributing to the Student Shout IT Out program!
From: Wanda Moore
To: Jason Macagnone
Jason, THANK YOU for your prompt attention and resolution to what I considered "a morning technical crisis that would have prevented MANY tasks being accomplished today". Your quick knowledge of the situation and resolution allowed for me to resume all that I needed for a productive work day!... and your upbeat morning personality assisted with this interaction being such a positive one.....THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!
From: Pam Michaels
To: Kathryn Mc Donald
Kathryn worked diligently along with Mickey W and other IT CES staff to resolve the ECC print issue. Thank you Kathy for always being so easy going and thorough.


From: Doreen Bates
To: All of IT
I've been with SB for over 8 years and the IT department has always been there for me. Patient, professional and polite. Forever helpful, and I'm forever grateful!
From: Jennifer Asencio
To: Davide Tripodi
Thank you for going above and beyond to help me and my team - always with a smile! We are so fortunate to have you!!
From: Elizabeth Otero
To: IT Helpdesk Team
Thank you for always being so helpful and patient no matter what the issue big or small may be! Your help is much appreciated!
From: Rosemary Famiglietti
To: Angela Gonzalez
You have been such an added addition to our IT department in University Police. Not only do you take the time to help me with my trivial problems and questions, you have been taking care of the crucial needs of a department this large and it's distinct nuance's. Thank you for all you do! Happy IT Professional's Day!
From: Elizabeth Otero
To: IT Helpdesk Team
Thank you for always being so helpful and patient no matter what the issue big or small may be! Your help is much appreciated!
From: Jennifer Asencio
To: Davide Tripodi
Thank you for going above and beyond to help me and my team - always with a smile! We are so fortunate to have you!!
From: Doreen Bates
To: All of IT
I've been with SB for over 8 years and the IT department has always been there for me. Patient, professional and polite. Forever helpful, and I'm forever grateful!
From: Kerri Reino
To: Dennis Gallagher
Dennis is a superstar colleague and true inspiration as a leader of IT. Every interaction I have with all members of IT is always a positive experience. The Stony Brook IT Team is the best of the best! Wishing you all a Happy IT Professionals Day!
From: Ellen Peng
To: Richard Glaser, Kevin Hennemeier
Rich and Kevin We can't say enough "Thank you" for your hard work and dedication to support us in Dental School, especially during our recent numerous system upgrades. Your superb technical expertise and highly professionalism have made the processes completed smoothly and in a timely manner. It has been a great pleasure to work along with colleagues like you who give your all to help and support. Happy National IT Professionals Day!!!"
From: Randy Thomas
To: Kathryn McDonald
A huge Shout IT out to Kathy who has been indispensable person for all thing IT for ATAS operations. From attending promptly to work request to walking me through the steps - for the second time- how to setup the iPads for office and individual advisor use for presentations, Kathy continues to solve these issues with her warm smile and calming demeanor. On behalf of ATAS, THANK YOU, Kathy
From: Michele Canton
To: Robert Davidson and the DOIT Information Systems (Research) Team
Thanks to Rob, Monique, Jason, Joseph and John for all of their help and guidance throughout the year. You are vital to our operation and your willingness to assist is most appreciated!
From: Michele Canton
To: Joseph Montelione
Thank you Joseph, for all your support and guidance throughout the year! Your knowledge and insight on the myResearch system is invaluable. It's so reassuring to have a point person to field our inquiries so quickly and completely. Thanks for all you do!
From: Michele Canton
To: John Hanges
Thanks John, for all your support throughout the year! You always field my inquiries straight to resolution all the while being so pleasant and helpful! Job well done!
From: Antonina Nadrowski
To: Jason Macagnone
Jason Thank you so much for all you do to make my job easier. You are always so helpful and pleasant. The university is fortunate to have you.
From: Antonina Nadrowski
To: Anthony Italiano
Anthony, you are excellent at your job. Thank you for everything you do for the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.
From: Randi Trope
To: Mindy Lawrence
Mindy has been working tirelessly through the many requests we have been submitting from the pediatrics department in the name of patient safety. She is an invaluable partner to have as she is not only the content expert on the IT side but she has a keen understanding of the caregiver side which helps guide the IT workflow. We have established a fantastic working relationship and I couldn't do the patient safety work I do without her!
From: Joe Mitchell
To: Victor Poon
Victor is the amazing go-to problem solver in AMS (Applied Math & Statistics) for decades -- he stays on top of all of the Department's technology needs, diagnoses and solves IT problems of all types, keeps us outfitted for safety during COVID, and always does so with a smile and great sense of humor. Victor is vital! Many thanks!
From: Heather J McLaughlin
To: Kelly Clayton
Kelly is always thorough, prompt, and gets stuff done! She assisted the IAM Evaluation Task Force with setting up over ten meetings with Stakeholders all across the campus. Without her clear communication and diligent skills, we wouldn't be on track with these sessions. Her efforts are much appreciated! Thank you, Kelly!
From: Maria Mercedes
To: George J. Boyce
George you are the best, thanks for always be willing to help with any computer or printer problems at the Lab, even when I call you with an issue not pertaining to you, you never answer in a negative way, always direct me to the right source. your advise is always on point. I thank you for all your hard work and you commitment to the department.
From: Cheri Gostic
To: Connor Leszczuk
I received an email from Connor Leszcuk after having a number of issues assisting my students in getting the Citrix Receiver app to work properly on their computers. I knew immediately I was being assisted by an individual who took great pride in his work, was extremely knowledgeable and was tenacious in following up with problems that needed to be resolved. It was such a positive experience having Connor assisting me and my students...truly a dedicated employee. I know he communicated with others in IT on my behalf on his day off, and continued to provide suggestions for solutions for my students until all my issues were resolved. Stony Brook is lucky to have such a devoted employee on their staff. Thanks again, Connor!
From: Susan A Ciuffo
To: John Hanges
John is always on top of all the IT needs of OVPR, especially as we work from home. Whenever I lose connection, I can contact John and he's solves problem within minutes! He's the best! And...he's a super nice guy which is an extra bonus.
From: Lorrie McAdams
To: Jose Muniz
This is a BIG shout out to Jose!!!! He is the best at what he does. Always so helpful and patient. You are most definitely appreciated. :)
From: Laura McNamara
To: Joan Crawford
Joan has been an amazing force for all things Telehealth. She is always so helpful and friendly - a true gem. I have worked with Joan on one project or another since March 2020 and each task has been addressed with intelligence and a good sense of humor. Joan - you a true example of why I love working here at SBM. Thank you for all you do!!
From: Heidi Campani
To: The entire HSC/UH Client Support Team
Thank you to the entire HSC/UH Client Support Team for always being there for us and for your seemingly never ending patience! We are lucky to have each and everyone one of you.
From: Laura McNamara
To: Kevin Kenny
Always very responsive and helpful - Kevin is effective in his role and I always appreciate how friendly he is when helping me out - thank you!
From: Rosemary Famiglietti
To: Steven Kin Wong
In an department as crucial as ours, it is necessary to have timely solutions to the problems that arise. You have always been there to fix any of the reported problems as soon as possible. You even anticipate the problems before they come up. Plus you were instrumental in adding additional help to our IT personnel. This has been an unexpected additional asset to the department. Thank you for all you do!
From: Jayme Amarosa
To: Michele Vogel, Brendan O'Connor, Maureen Friedman and Martin Doherty
The Managed Care Department and I cannot thank you enough for all of the support (workwise and moral) and assistance you all have provided us over the years. Since you've moved out of 31 RW, we have missed seeing your faces every day and now that we are moving to Commack, we will see much less of you all, but in our hearts you will always be a part of our very dysfunctional family :) Happy IT Administration Day!
From: Martha Stansbury
To: John Leone
John has been a continual asset to our Center, including and especially in the early days of COVID when we were all scrambling to find our footing in telecommuting. Thanks John for your continual efforts, patience and level head!
From: Dr. Renee Fabus
To: Nichole Gladky
Nicole, thank you for all your assistance with blackboard and zoom. You're very knowledgeable and patient!
From: Marian Blanche Leeman
To: Biagio Castaldo
Biagio is a pleasure to work with and gives computer instruction in terms the lay person can understand. He makes the process painless when updating or adding to your computers capability. Thank you for all of you hard work and dedication to ensuring that we have the tools to perform our jobs!
From: Stacy Jaffee Gropack
To: Taryn Lindo
Taryn, thank you for making everyone who comes into our office valued and welcomed...
From: Stacy Jaffee Gropack
To: Margaret Sheryll
Thank you Margaret for being the best at knowing how to get things done with pride and perfection. We all appreciate how you hold Southampton together every single day..
From: Stacy Jaffee Gropack
To: Angela Scauso
Thank you Angela for alway stepping in when needed and a high level of competency and caring for everything you do.
From: Stacy Jaffee Gropack
To: Teresa Blaskopf
Thank you Teresa for being highly skilled, a team player and always smiling. We greatly appreciate all your efforts
From: Stacy Jaffee Gropack
To: Jessica Rotolo
Thank you Jessica for all you do and the highest level of professionalism
From: Marisa Bisiani
To: Curtis Charles
Curtis, you are awesome! You spent countless hours assisting relocating the SHS and CAPS staff this summer and we are all so appreciative. You also helped IT infrastructure at COVID test sites ! All such great teamwork! Thank you for always being there.
From: Marisa Bisiani
To: John Shackelford
John, thank you for all you do. The health, wellness and prevention team of the Division of Student Affairs is appreciative of your talent and expertise. You are always here when we need you ! Thank you for being a valued team member!
From: Marisa Bisiani
To: Joan Crawford
Thank you Joan for being available to allow for the seamless ability to COVID test on west campus using east campus technology. Your ability to find solutions and solve problems is breathtaking ! You are prompt and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your continued collaboration.
From: Patricia Friedman
To: Julie Sharma
I recently attended the Mini Byte on scheduling appointment slots in google calendar with Julie Sharma. She brings you into new knowledge and shares all of the important pieces so you can maximize your use of the tool - all in a way that is focused, well thought out, funny and engaging! I love how she has participants using it within minutes of starting the training, it is so effective to learn that way.
From: Maria Callegari
To: John Leone
Thank you for assisting me with my long list of computer troubles and making me laugh in the process. I appreciate your help!
From: Gerald Simons
To: Evan Doubleday
Super special shout out to Evan at the Southampton Campus! Evan is the 'secret glue' that keeps the entire Southampton campus connected! From PCs to videoconferencing with the main campus he does it all!
From: Dana Jecewiz
To: Biagio Castaldo
On behalf of the Graduate School team, I want to thank Biagio for all of his effort & time. Not only is Biagio a pleasure to partner with, but he always goes above and beyond to assist. His creativity, kindness and work ethic are unmatched! Thank you, Biagio, for everything you do!
From: Melanie Keister
To: Fang Wang
Fang has taught me so much in our work together! She is careful and considers deeply when faced with a problem or task. She works something until it is truly done. She is trustworthy and responsive, and I always enjoy her. She elevates my own work. Thanks to Fang!
From: Jackie Castaldo
To: Ray Chan and all of ASA
Huge thank you to Ray Chan, Jason Kanaris and all of ASA! The team is constantly working to support all of Admin & Finance, helps troubleshoot complex Procurement issues, and is extremely helpful with the campus community and all of our Jaggaer/WolfMart end-users!
From: Dr. Laurie Shroyer
To: Dr. Moshe Eisenberg
Dear Dr. Eisenberg, Just a note of thanks for your outstanding IT service to set in place computer access for our School of Medicine Dean's office Scholarly Concentration Program Research Track statistical students! Your extraordinary efforts to guide Mr. Paul Stern in setting up two new secured computer environments (with special hardware and software requirements) to support our medical students' 2021 summer research projects were very much appreciated; you and Mr. Stern saved the day! Given the unique aspects of this special IT request, our SCP-RT medical students and the statistical student team were all sincerely grateful to have your expertise and experienced IT support! Best Regards- Dr. Laurie Shroyer
From: Dr. Laurie Shroyer
To: Paul Stern (IT Specialist, Department of Pathology)
Dear Mr. Stern, Just a note of thanks for your outstanding IT service to set in place computer access for our School of Medicine Dean's office Scholarly Concentration Program Research Track statistical students! Your extraordinary efforts to set up two new secured computer environments (with special hardware and software requirements) to support our medical students' 2021 summer research projects were very much appreciated; you saved the day! Given the unique aspects of this special IT request, our SCP-RT medical students and the statistical student team were all sincerely grateful to have your expertise and experienced IT support! Best Regards- Dr. Laurie Shroyer
From: Trevor Greenidge
To: Anthony Italiano
Anthony is exemplary as an expert in his knowledge of ECM application systems as well as the general administrative applications that we support. He is a go to source of experience and knowledge when you're working on a solution or resolution, and who can offer a suggestion, technique, a piece of code or SQL query to help close a problem as well as bouncing an idea off of or helping to develop an approach to an issue. Anthony is a coworker who in his professionalism, dedication and collaborative work style, makes him all the pleasure to work with.
From: Linda Pugliese
To: Theresa O'Connell
I 'd like a give a big shout out to Theresa, who always comes through for the Blood Bank. She gets my email broadcasts out even under the most difficult time constraints and situations; she never lets me down. Theresa, you are the best!!!
From: Shelagh Zegers
To: Mark Lang
Mark Lang has been indispensable and a life-saver for the past ten years at SoMAS. Not only does he know all things IT but he's pleasant and cheerful to work with.
From: Sunitha Singh
To: Bill Tappin
Bill is my right-hand man in designing effective powerplans. He has tirelessly worked to improve our Enhanced Recovery order sets and ensure a smooth workflow for everyone. Bill- I would be lost without you, so THANK YOU!!
From: Sunitha Singh
To: Rosa Maria Bobek
Rosa is simply AMAZING! She is knowledgeable and resolves problems quickly and effectively. She never fails to bring her very best to the table and is quick with suggestions and ways to improve. THANK YOU ROSA!!
From: Sunitha Singh
To: Efrat Bolze
Efrat Bolze is an outstanding programmer/analyst! We've been working on a huge project for the past 3 years, still ongoing, and every step of the way she has been professional and engaging. She offers great feedback and is diligent with her work. THANK YOU EFRAT!!!
From: Patricia Plaia
To: Brendan O'Connor
Thank you for all your help and professionalism. It is a pleasure dealing with you; and I don't know what we would do without you.
From: Elissa Romano
To: Cedric Carty
Cedric is wonderful! He is helpful, attentive, smart and an absolute pleasure to work with. He is a great person and a great collaborator and we are lucky to have him over here in the admin building!
From: Kathy Green
To: Nichole Gladkey
Nichole is my "go to" person for all things tech related and is always CHEERFULLY willing to assist on a moment's notice. THANK YOU NICHOLE!
From: Lynn Zawie
To: Paul St Denis
Paul, you are one of the nicest people on campus. You are always willing to help out with any coding problem. You stick with it until it is fixed! Thank you for always being willing to lend a hand.
From: Hanna Nekvasil
To: All in DoIt
You all are a really stellar group who provide an invaluable service to us faculty. I have received prompt and effective service EVERY time I have needed it. Simply an extremely well-run department. Many thanks for all you do! Truly one of the top departments at SBU!
From: Lynn Zawie
To: Jose Muniz
I don't know what we would do without you here. Your expertise is invaluable. You disposition, even better! Special thanks for putting up with my PC. It is my pleasure to work with you, always.
From: Cathy Ribando & the Budget, FP&A team
To: Cedric Carty
Thank you, Cedric for your amazing work! You are so attentive, knowledgeable and thorough in taking care of all our desktop support needs :) We so appreciate your kindly support.
From: Heliana Mejia-Scherl
To: 2-9800 HELP DESK
Thanks for lending a hand. Your guidance is so helpful and your solutions are always the BEST. THANKS for your immeasurable patient with your customers...
From: Lynn Zawie
To: Eric Rosenberg
Thank you Eric! Your patience and expertise assures that SBU has a reliable place to publish our websites to under some difficult circumstances. Thank you for always responding to my questions. It is amazing that one person has been managing this huge undertaking. It is my pleasure to work with you.
From: Blanche Leeman
To: Evan Doubleday
Thank you Evan for keeping our classroom IT working smoothly! You are a pleasure to work with!
From: Ellen O'Hare
To: Biagio Castaldo
You are the best! Your team keeps us up and running!
From: Pat Hines
To: The whole 9800 team
It's always a deadline in payroll and the whole group really works to get us up and running. So much stress and they make out job so much easier.


From: Andrew Kirsch
To: Diana Voss
Thank you to Diana Voss for her very good - actually brilliant - idea about how we can improve the logic for de-provisioning students' computer accounts in a more secure way, while allowing them to complete their coursework as needed. This has been a sticking point for us for many years and this fresh idea is just the kind of thinking we need to make things better.
From: Raymond Chan on behalf of Lyle Gomes
To: Anthony Italiano and Trevor Greenidge
John and Ray, just want to thank you and your team for the outstanding work on this project [OnBase ECM Implementation]. More Kudos are coming.
From: Rachael Redhead
To: Nichole Gladky
Thank you Nichole for suggesting the name change from IT Shout Out to Shout IT Out. Awesome recommendation!!
From: Grace Cersosimo
To: Chauncey Clark
Chauncey provided guidance when I needed to setup DUO on a new device. He also resolved a connection issue with Citrix on the Crystal server so that we could work on Crystal reports. He assists and resolves problems quickly and effectively.
From: Jaime Wicks
To: Anthony Italiano

I just wanted to pass along some kind words regarding Anthony. He has always been extremely helpful to me and the entire Registrar's Office. I have been very grateful for his patience, expertise, and willingness to quickly respond to our inquiries and offer assistance.

His help became even more evident during our transition to Onbase. Anthony is quick to respond via email or chat to help guide us through. I am very appreciative to have such a tentative support individual during this transition. He is a great asset to have on your team!

From: Diana Voss
To: Nancy Gaugler
Whenever I need her help, Nancy always responds promptly and goes the extra mile to help our community. I truly appreciate her help!
From: Christina Babzien
To: Paul Masem
Paul was very helpful and accessible. I know if I have any issues, I can easily reach him. Thanks Paul!
From: David Ecker
To: Andrew Kirsch
Andrew has always been the go-to person for anything related to PeopleSoft. He is one of the unsung heroes we have in Information Technology. Thanks for always being there for the Stony Brook community.
From: Juliette Passer
To: Rich Stein
What a great idea! Rich Stein has helped me many times over the years - always personable, very knowledgeable and overall a pleasure to deal with - keep it up, Rich!
From: Arthur Aron
To: Ralph Molaro
Ralph was enormously helpful in helping me cope with multiple hassles in setting up my new computer (as well as a zillion other things over the past few months as I dealt with problems with my old computer).
From: Leavon Falcon
To: Ralph Molaro
Ralph is a wonderful mentor to me and a wizard at what he does on a daily basis. He has so much patience and will truly give 110% to any task that he gets. Anyone that knows him can absolutely agree. I am very grateful to work beside him.
From: Jarrod McFarlane
To: Classroom Technology & Support Solutions Team
I want to give a shoutout to the entire Classroom Technology team! They have my back everyday, and knowing that I have a capable team that's willing to step up, frees me up to focus on the things the organization asks of me in order to reach goals set forth by DoIT and University leadership! Preparing for hybrid teaching in 2020, and then preparing for an in-person return after 18 months has not been easy the last two summers!!!
From: Diana Voss
To: Mark Carroll
Even though I said that we could not update information in Blackboard Fall 2021 course sites, Mark persisted and found a way to update all courses. He did not have to do this and I appreciate greatly the fact that he did so all students have the correct information of where to obtain help for accessibility should they need it....Thank you Mark!
From: John Shackelford
To: Mike Ospitale, Mike Thaxter, Mauro Nicoletto, Sandy Jansson, Henry Joseph, Matt Nappi and Sean Burrowes
Thank you fella's for all your work at the SAC covid test site. When we were trapped in time, surrounded by evil and low on gas, you all worked together to develop a firing solution so we could register people for their covid that had not previously register. Thank you all for that. Truly a great display of people from different area's of DoIT coming together and achieving a goal for another department in short order that the entire university become dependent upon for Covid testing. If I missed anyone, please let me know. There were no minor players on this. Well done and Thank you!
From: John Shackelford
To: Curtis Charles and Lorraine Cannavale
If it were not for you and your students assistants help, the Great Student Health Migration of 2021 would have taken twice the time at LEAST ! You & your student braved many dangers and endured a covid exposure to help us out !!! Very happy no one tested positive after that : ) Thanks does not quite cut it, but it's all I have to give. Thank you all! John
From: John Shackelford
To: Behzad Barzideh
Thank You Behzad !!! If it were not for your work Student Health Migration would have failed !!! You ARE the network King! Thank You! --John & Co. from Student Health
From: Ron Florek
To: Mary Kethman
Mary my "Business Office Guru" has helped me with everything from invoice issues, to vendor schedules to ordering things from Wolfmart and beyond and every thing in between. She has saved me more time and aggravation over the years then I can count. Thank you Mary!!
From: Surita
To: Jarrod McFarlane
Jarrod was incredibly helpful in answering faculty questions when we transitioned to remote learning during the pandemic and when we began in-person instruction again in Fall 2020. I appreciated his help and knowledge so much during this process!
From: Linda Keegan
To: John Leone
John you are irreplaceable when it comes to someone to help fix our computers or add a new program. Your easy-going personality and great sense of humor are a much-needed joy and addition to Procurement. You always get the job done and always with a smile and a laugh. I want to say thank you so much for being there whether it be problems/issues great or small. You are extremely dependable and efficient. Kudos to you John! We are so fortunate to have you! :)
From: Patty Poster
To: Kathryn (Kathy) McDonald
Thank you Kathy for always helping with all the glitches and updates so needed! You Rock and I am so glad we have you to make our work all that smoother!
From: Patty Poster
To: Michael (Mike) Castro
Thanks for ALL your help while working remotely with all the glitches I had! You are awesome!
From: Andreas Koenig
To: Ralph Molaro
Through all conditions Ralph is always there to help no matter what is thrown at him!
From: Melissa Hogarty
To: Cedric Carty
Cedric is the best! He's always responsive and does a great job with all the moves we've made recently in A&F. Thanks Cedric!!
From: Junetta Xavier
To: Julie Sharma and Nichole Galdky
Thank you for keeping us updated and connected on all the google changes through out the pandemic while working from home.
From: Cinthia Alvarez-Buonaiuto
To: Paul Stern and Ray Taffner (Department of Pharmacological Sciences)
A lot can be said about working as a team. You two always have our backs when we need you. Always thankful for your prompt assistance in keeping us all 'connected'!
From: Heather McLaughlin
To: Chauncey Clark
Chauncey has ensured the EPMO team can always perform their work, whether it was troubleshooting application issues during the pandemic to moving equipment to different spaces. Every time Chauncey is assigned an issue, I know it will be handled quickly, correctly, and he always follows up later to ensure the problem is resolved. THANK YOU CHAUNCEY!! I appreciate all your hard work!!
From: Lydia
To: Jason
Always helpful and follows through! Appreciate he goes the extra mile to figure things out.
From: Mary Kethman
To: Rich Von Rauchhaupt
Thanks Rich! We could not have launched the DoIT Shout Out Program without you! You are always very kind and patient with the non-technical Folks!