DoIT team members celebrating other DoIT team members. 

What is DoIT Recognition?

Recognizing DoIT
The mission of DoIT Recognition is to empower our organization to recognize outstanding achievements both by individuals and groups of employees.

Celebrating Together
DoIT Recognition strives to create a fulfilling and rewarding work environment that aligns with DoIT's five core values of Communicate, Grow, Satisfy, Engage and Innovate.

Tell A Story
Recognition begins with you! Submit a recognition story to the DoIT Recognition Committee for review. Learn more about how this process works below. 

2015 Annual DoIT Recognition Award Winners

MVP Award - Staff Member of the Year
Michael Basile, Client Support
December 2015

Core Value Award: Engagement
Matthew Nappi, Information Security Office
December 2015

Core Value Award: Satisfaction
Bill Cusick, Video Services
December 2015

Core Value Award: Innovation
Lorraine Carroll, The Faculty Center 
Catherine Scott, The Faculty Center 
Rich von Rauchhaupt, Web Strategy
December 2015

Annual Awards

These awards are given out once a year at the DoIT end of the year celebration. 

Watchdog Award

This award recognizes employees who promote, demonstrate, or influence secure computing behavior and will be given out annually at the All Hands meeting.


This award acknowledges employees who demonstrate innovation, who bring in new practices or ideas, and help with executing those ideas to enhance productivity. It will be given out once a year at the annual All Hands meeting.

IT Partner

The IT Partner of the Year is awarded to one of our IT Partners who through cooperation with DoIT brings about innovation for their department or the University as a whole. It will be given out once a year at a scheduled IT Partners meeting.

MVP Award

This will go to our "Staff Member of the Year," someone who demonstrates outstanding contributions or makes a significant impact to meet or exceed DoIT and University goals and will be given out once a year at the annual holiday party.

Core Value Awards

A core value award may be given out at any time during the year to recognize achievements that match any one of our five core values.


Someone who pushes to try new things even where concrete business benefit is not initially apparent.


Someone who takes it upon themselves to learn new things, develop new skills, or master new technologies in order to advance DoIT's agenda.


Someone who goes above and beyond to communicate and share information with team members both inside and outside the DoIT organization, leading to greater transparency and accountability.


An individual who consistently performs at a level that yields high customer/end user satisfaction.


An individual who shows initiative in reaching out to others to work collaboratively whether internally or externally.

Our Core Values

To learn more about our core values and our vision, please visit the "About Us" section of the DoIT website. 


How Do I Submit A Nomination?

In order to submit a recognition nomination, familiarize yourself with the awards (Core Value Awards and Annual Awards). Once you have decided which award you would like to recognize a DoIT Staff member for, proceed to the DoIT Recognition Form and complete the relevant fields.


Submit A Nomination

What Happens After Submission?

Step one: Your nomination is recieved by the DoIT Recognition committee. 
Step two: Your nomination will be reviewed by the DoIT recognition committee. 
Step three: If your nomination is selected your nominee will recieve their award.