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What Is IT Recognition

The mission of IT Recognition is to help encourage the University to recognize both individual employees and team achievements. The program rewards employees with exemplary performance based on both their role and contributions that support our mission.

Annual Awards


This award acknowledges employees who demonstrate innovation, who bring in new practices or ideas, and help with executing those ideas to enhance productivity.


Someone who takes it upon themselves to learn new things, develop new skills or master new technologies in order to advance IT's agenda.


Someone who goes above and beyond to communicate and share information with other members, both inside and outside of the organization, leading to greater transparency and accountability.


An individual who consistently performs at a level that yields high customer/end user satisfaction.


An individual who shows initiative in reaching out to others to work collaboratively whether internally or externally.

Cyber Defender of the Year

This award recognizes employees who promote, demonstrate, or influence secure computing behavior.

Team Award

This award will acknowledge a group of individuals who have demonstrated proficiency in any of the award categories.

MVP Award

This will be presented to the "Staff Member of the Year"; to someone who demonstrates outstanding contributions or makes a significant impact to meet or exceed University goals.

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How Do I Submit A Nomination?

In order to submit a recognition nomination; familiarize yourself with the awards. Once you have decided which award you would like to recognize an employee or team for, proceed to the IT Recognition Form and complete the relevant fields.

Submit A Nomination

Who Is Eligible for an Award?

The IT recognition program acknowledges employees who have gone beyond the expected. This program is inclusive to IT professionals and those who partner with IT professionals to fulfill the University’s mission.

Past Winners


MVP Award
Michael Castro

Communicate Award
Henry Joseph
Tara Mazovec

Grow Award
Saskya Barresi

Engage Award
Kim Rant

Innovate Award
John Passaro

Satisfy Award
James Kopczynski

Cyber Defender of the Year
Jeffrey Mackey

Team Award
Mark Carroll
Saskya Barresi
Jennifer Adams
Richard Stein
Tara Mazovec
Kristy Bunton
Julie Sharma
Kyle Adams
Nichole Gladky



MVP Award
Mike White

Communicate Award
Judy Sellitto
Rich Tulipan
Richard Von Rauchhaupt

Grow Award
Anita Lago
Hassan Joseph
Joan Crawford

Engage Award
Lorraine Cannavale
Nicholas Capobianco

Innovate Award
David Ecker
Helen Mo
John Berwick
Patrick Tonra

Satisfy Award
Chauncey Clark
Mark Lang
Mauro Nicoletto
Ralph Molaro


The recognition award was placed on hold.


MVP Award
Brian Heller, Division of Information Technology

Communicate Award
Woody Brown, Division of Information Technology

Customer Service Award
Mary Kethman, Division of Information Technology

Grow Award
James Doyle, Division of Information Technology

Engage Award
Valerie Smith, Division of Information Technology
Rich Von Rauchhaupt, Division of Information Technology

Innovate Award
Mufakkir Chowdhury, Division of Information Technology

David Cyrille, Stony Brook Medicine Information Technology
Judith Sellitto, Division of Information Technology

Team Award - STAWG
Mark Velazquez, Division of Information Technology
Nichole Gladky, Division of Information Technology
Jacob Levich, Communications and Marketing
Henry Joseph, Division of Information Technology
Jennifer Jaiswal, Division of Information Technology
Diana Voss, Division of Information Technology
Cristina Striffler, Stony Brook Medicine Privacy Office
John Gianmugnai, Division of Information Technology

Watchdog Award
Ralph Molaro, Social and Behavioral Sciences Electronics Laboratory


The recognition award was placed on hold. The program will resume in 2018 to be more inclusive of IT professionals and employees who partner with IT across Stony Brook University.


MVP Award - Staff Member of the Year
Gail Levy, Infrastucture

Fang Peng, Enterprise Applications & Integrations

IT Partner:
Mark Lang, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Watchdog Award:
Steven Galante, Infrastructure

Core Value Award: Engagement
Jennifer Adams, Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching

Core Value Award: Growth
Brian Heller, Infrastructure

Core Value Award: Satisfaction
Nick Capobianco, Customer Engagement & Support
Henry Joseph, Enterprise Applications & Integrations



MVP Award - Staff Member of the Year
Michael Basile, Client Support

Core Value Award: Engagement
Matthew Nappi, Information Security Office

Core Value Award: Satisfaction
Bill Cusick, Video Services

Core Value Award: Innovation
Lorraine Carroll, The Faculty Center 
Catherine Scott, The Faculty Center 
Rich von Rauchhaupt, Web Strategy