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DoIT Training and Development aims to promote and support employee development by providing high-quality training programs designed to support the university's goals.

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DoIT Training Staff

Kyle Adams

After graduating in 2015, Kyle began working in the corporate world where he immediately found his passion for training and development.

In his time working in corporate, Kyle assisted in the professional development of his colleagues by providing them interactive classroom trainings, webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions on a variety of topics. Kyle also assisted his department in the implementation of asynchronous learning tools by creating a variety of e-learnings designed for new hires.

In February of 2022, Kyle sought out a new experience by transitioning from the corporate world to Stony Brook University by joining DoIT Training.

Since joining, Kyle has assisted DoIT by piloting Brightspace (SUNY's new learning management system), by providing his perspective gained from his time working in corporate training in order to achieve a successful implementation.

In his free time, Kyle enjoys attending hockey games, playing mini golf, and spending time with family. 

David Ecker

David Ecker is an  Innovator | Leader | Entrepreneur | Author, | Coach | who focuses on empowering people with technological systems. David brings a background in management, innovative technologies/approaches, client interactions, collaboration building, and project/system management. David has built three successful departments at Stony Brook University, iCREATE innovative technologies/makerspace area; Research Technologies; and Client Support, the computer assistance area.   

David holds an Advanced MBA Graduate Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Empire State University, an M.S. in Technological Systems Management, and a B.S. in Computer Science from Stony Brook University.

Outside his formal duties, David has been an adjunct faculty member and published two books "5 Lessons for Success: The Wolf's Path" and "$1200 and a Dream: An Entrepreneurs Guide."

David's wealth of technical knowledge and expertise focuses on empowering people to ensure they can be the best of themselves in all interactions with technology, leadership, and teams

Julie Sharma

A graduate-trained college English teacher and musician, Julie brings a variety of skills along with her long-time interest in technology to her role as Information Technology instructor in the DoIT Training Office at Stony Brook University.

A guest presenter for several international webinars, Julie thrives on empowering others get the most out of technology for their own jobs and processes, keeping learning fun, and using data to impact processes.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, cooking, and photographing the adventure that is life.

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