Mersive Solstice is a high-performance in-room collaboration platform that improves the usability and productivity of meeting and learning spaces. Solstice enables users on any device to easily share, control, and mark up content on in-room displays to drive more efficient, engaging, and productive meetings.  

Mersive Solstice enables many-to-many collaboration by allowing users on any device to simultaneously share, control, and mark up content on in-room displays with superior ease of use and streaming quality.  You can use an Apple , Android, or Windows device to connect to the room display.

The Sol​stice App allows users to wirelessly connect and stream their mobile device screens and other media content to a Solstice-enabled display in the room over the WolfieNet & Eduroam.

Solstice displays are available in huddle spaces, the Faculty Commons, and recently rennovated rooms in Humanities and HSC.  If you would like to know if your classroom has a Solstice display, please refer to the Installed Classroom Equipment Guide or contact AV Services.

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