Take richer notes:  OneNote is a flexible application for information gathering and multiple user collaboration for course notes and meeting minutes.  It captures notes that are typed from a keyboard or handwritten from a stylus, screenshots, and audio recordings. You can invite others to view or collaborate on your notes.   

Share & Collaborate

If you are working on a project or task and need input from others, you can share your notebook to invite others to review or add content.

Access from Any Device

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web, Chromebook

You can always review and add content.  Access your notebooks from any device using the app.  Using Chrome or a Chromebook?  Download the extention.

Security & Compliance

OneNote carries the same security and compliance as the rest of the Office 365 services and is HIPAA, BAA, FERPA and Export Control compliant.

Draw or Write

We are not limited to typing.  Hand write your notes, draw schematics, annotate anything on the page. 

Web Capturing

The Send to OneNote tool, which appears after you launch OneNote, allows you to take screenshots or clip articles to add them to a page in your notebook.

Annotate and Highlight

In the Draw menu, you can annotate or highlight key ideas on any image or text to convey meaning.  No stylus?  Use your finger!

Add Videos to Your Notes

Something interesting going on in a meeting?  Record it with the camera on your device.  You can also record yourself vlog style from your computer. 

Equations & Text

The Ink to Math tool converts handwritten mathmatical symbols to text.

The Ink to Text tool converts handwriting to text.  These tools are found in the desktop version of OneNote.   

Audio Notes

Is it quicker to speak or record someone else than to type or write? 

Start an audio recording. 

Also, if you take notes while you record audio, your notes are automatically synced to the recording.  Simply, hover over a note to hear what was said at the moment it was taken.

Why OneNote?


In OneNote, you create "notebooks".  Each notebook is organized in tabs and each tab contains pages.

Your work notebook can contain tabs for each area of your job like: services, initiatives, committees, meeting types, tasks and projects.

Your academic notbook can contain tabs for notes on each course, club, project, paper or task.

Best of all you can create more notebooks (.ONE files) as needed and save them in OneDrive to access from any device. 

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