Malware Shield

Stony Brook's Data Network Services and IT Security teams added additional security to the campus network during the summer of 2010. A network name server was implemented to check the URLs of websites that users on campus visit against a list of known distributors of malware. Instead of visiting a site that is known to be a distributor of malware, the Web browser is redirected to a malware shield (Web page) which advises users why the site they are trying to reach may have been flagged as being potentially harmful.

The list of blocked websites is provided by Infobloxns, which maintains constantly updated blacklists of potentially harmful domains, IP addresses, and subnets.

Using this service allows campus computers to remain protected from the frequent malware installation attempts that are infecting more and more computers today.

If you are trying to access a website that you feel is legitimate and instead reach a malware shield that prohibits you from accessing the site, please contact Customer Engagement and Support. Customer Engagement and Support and Data Network Services will try to find out why the site is being blocked and take necessary steps to rectify the situation.

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