Infrastructure Cabling

Network Services provides the cabling infrastructure for the University which serves all voice, data, and television needs. This includes indoor station cabling (jacks) and outdoor, underground feeds.

All requests for cabling services can be requested by clicking here: Cabling and Jack Requests

Frequently Asked Questions

My jack is cracked and/or falling off the wall. How can I get this repaired?

Repair technicians are dispatched twice daily, repairs are generally made by 5PM the following business day.   

Please be specific as possbile as to the damage (jack cracked, jack hanging, wires exposed).

If you don't have dial tone or are not connecting to the internet but the jack is otherwise intact, you may follow the same reporting procedure but please mention this fact in your service request.   


Faculty/Staff, Chapin, Schomberg and West Apartment Residents:

Physically broken jacks can be reported by clicking here: Wired Connectivity Issues.


Campus Residents:

  • Residents should report all jack issues to their Quad Office.



What type of jack do I need for my phone or data connection?

Estimated one-time charges for the installation of new jacks

(Cost estimate includes cabling, jack parts, PD6 Wiremold up to 6', firestop, and labor to install)

Cat 5E Cable

Description Cost
B Jack (2 Data) $530.00
D Jack (4 Data) $699.00
G Jack (1 Data) $402.00
L5 Jack (Wall Phones only) $400.00
M Jack (3 Data) $614.00
T Jack (1 Coax) $448.00
W Jack (1 Data Cable) - Wireless only $396.00


 Fiber to desktop options available.  Please submit a request for a quote.**

Cat 6 Cable

Description Cost
B6 Jack (2 Data) $598.00
D6 Jack (4 Data) $838.00
G6 Jack (1 Data) $436.00
L6 Jack (Wall Phone) $436.00
M6 Jack (3 Data) $719.00
W6 Jack (1 Data Cable) – Wireless $432.00

Other Infrastructure Services estimates

Description Cost
Repair jack (includes one hour of labor and material) $111.00
Remove cable or coil in ceiling $84.50
Move or redrop Cable (if cable is in good condition or cable is already coiled in ceiling, otherwise, “New Jack and Cable Run” rates apply).  Includes two hours of labor and material. $196.00
WireMold – including material and installation T&M**
Install and test Copper Wire Circuits T&M**
ICRA tenting – Medical Center Areas per jack $94.00

 * Current labor rate is $84.50 per hour


** You can submit a request for an estimate here: Cabling and Jack Requests

(Choose "General Consultation or Quote: from the dropdown menu on the form)


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