Electronic Post Office (EPO)

Stony Brook University maintains an electronic post office (EPO) for all students, faculty and staff. The EPO is essentially a mail forwarding device that allows everyone at the University to have the same generic email address (@stonybrook.edu) so that no matter what email system Stony Brook may adopt or what domain names change, people will still receive their email.

About the Stony Brook University Electronic Post Office

Everyone at the University should be using their EPO address as their primary email address in important SB systems such as SOLAR and Blackboard.

The EPO automatically routes email messages addressed to firstname.lastname@stonybrook.edu to a specific University email address/inbox (e.g. bob.jones@stonybrookmedicine.edu) on whatever University email system is used.

It is recommended that the EPO address be used on business cards and stationery, but users should check to see what their EPO address actually is before having these materials printed.

Individuals may confirm their EPO address in the SOLAR System under Security and Personal Data > Email Addresses as the Campus Email Address.

For most people, their EPO address is firstname.lastname@stonybrook.edu, however this is not true for those with common names.
In these cases, there may be a slight variation (e.g. firstname.middleinitial.lastname@stonybrook.edu
or firstname.lastname.1@stonybrook.edu).


Stony Brook's current EPO allows anyone besides Stony Brook Medicine employees to update their own information at any time. To do so, go to https://adam.cc.sunysb.edu/epo.html, choose the "Mail forwarding" radio button and enter your Stony Brook ID and birthdate to authenticate. This will allow you to update your EPO mailbox to which emails addressed to firstname.lastname@stonybrook.edu should be sent. Stony Brook Medicine employees are not permitted to change or update their EPO entry. Any mail addressed to these employees at their @stonybrook.edu address will wind up in their @stonybrookmedicine.edu inbox.

By default, this mailbox is your campus email account (Microsoft Exchange for Stony Brook Medicine students and employees, Google Apps for Education for nearly everyone else, or another valid Stony Brook University email account). If you have more than one Stony Brook University email account, the default mailbox will be the account that was created first.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check or change my mail forwarding address in the EPO?

You may check or change your mail forwarding in Stony Brook's Electronic Post Office (EPO) at any time, but this address must be a valid Stony Brook University email account (e.g. Google Apps for Education - firstname.lastname@stonybrook.edu or Stony Brook Medicine Microsoft Exchange account - @stonybrookmedicine.edu). It cannot be an external, personal email account (i.e. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail, @live.com, etc.). To have mail forwarded to an off-campus email account, users can always set up mail forwarding within their University-provided email account:

To check or change your EPO address, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://adam.cc.sunysb.edu/epo.html - ** This site is only accessible from a campus network connection **
  2. Select Mail Forwarding
  3. Enter your Stony Brook ID
  4. Enter your birthdate in the following format: YYMMDD
  5. Click Start
  6. You will see the default mail forwarding address
  7. Click your mail name and enter a new forwarding address
  8. Click Update

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