Data Management Plan Tool

The Data Management Plan Tool (DMP Tool) is an online resource that is meant to assist researchers in creating data management plans as required by most grant proposals.

How can I obtain this software?

All students, faculty, staff, and researchers may access the Data Management Plan Tool by logging in at the DMP Tool website.

First-Time Login and Account Management

You can access the Data Management Tool (DMP Tool) by clicking here. Once the button is clicked, you will be re-directed to DMP Tools' "Get Started" page.

In the login box, select "Stony Brook University" from the dropdown menu and select "New User".  Then press "Go"

Users who have created an account within the DMPTool will be asked for their DMPTool username and login.

Use the Manage Profile option at the upper right to manage your password and other information.

Getting Started

How can I Start a New Plan?
  • After logging in, you will be taken to the MyPlans page titled "My Data Management Plans." At the top of this page you will see a drop down menu labeled "Create a New Plan".
  • The drop down menu offers a list of data management plan templates to choose from.
  • The link Funder Requirements lists the funder templates available in the DMPTool.  
  • Select the plan that is appropriate for you, and click "Go".
  • If you do not see a plan for the specific directorate you are responding to, use NSF-GEN: Generic.

Additional Information

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