Data Management Plan Tool

The Data Management Plan Tool (DMP Tool) is an online resource that is meant to assist researchers in creating data management plans as required by most grant proposals.

Set up Your Account

Access the Tool

All students, faculty, staff, and researchers may access the Data Management Plan Tool by logging in at the DMP Tool website (there is nothing to download).

Log In
  1. On the DMP Tools website, click Login near the top right and then enter your Stony Brook email address and click Continue
  2.  Click Sign in with Institution (SSO) and log in with your Stony Brook credentials.
  3. If prompted, enter your DMPTool username and login (only users who have previously created an account within the DMPTool)

Start a New Plan

  1. After logging in, to create a plan from the default template, on My Dashboard, click Create plan and follow the prompts to complete it
  2. OR To create a plan based on a specific funder requirements, at the top click Funder Requirements; then find the funder and under the Create a new plan column, select the + button to create a plan with that funder's template.
    If you do not see a plan for the specific directorate you are responding to, in the Funder Requirements list, search for NSF-GEN: Generic and click + to create a new plan for that

Frequently Asked Questions

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