Brightspace is Stony Brook's official learning management system (LMS) and provides an improved learning experience for students and faculty alike with its intuitive, responsive user interface. 

Brightspace Announcements

SUNY is collecting data to guide conversations with D2L Brightspace  regarding the confidence and/or ease with which people can navigate through and use (i.e., navigability and usability, respectively) the Brightspace Learning Environment tools. 

They are asking Students & Faculty to participate:

We recommend that if you use Brightspace as both a learner AND an instructor that you consider submitting both.


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Featured Tools

Plagiarism Checking

Are you interested in having your student's work checked for plagiarism? Turnitin® is available in Brightspace for instructors who are looking for a solution similar to SafeAssign. 

Class Progress Tool

The Class Progress tool tracks your learners' overall progress as a course and individually.  This tool can be used to:

  • Monitor progress for any or all users in your course
  • Prepare progress reports
  • Track when a user accesses the course and downloads course content
  • And more!

Quick Eval

The Quick Eval tool offers instructors a single location to view all learner submissions that are awaiting evaluation including quizzes, assignments, and discussions.  Instructors can sort, filter, and search submissions to prioritize their evaluation work. 

Intelligent Agents

Intelligent Agents in Brightspace can assist instructors, administrators, and students by providing an automated message when:

  • A defined student activity occurs in a course
  • An activity does not take place in a course
  • A student does or doesn't login to Brightspace
  • A student does or doesn't enter a particular course


Give your students the power of crossing off to-dos or steps in an assignment with checklists:

Create a checklist, and add it to a Content Module. Then, students can check off items as they complete them. 

HTML Templates

Make engaging and accessible course content

Use HTML Templates, which adjust based on screen size, are accessible and interactive, to style course content pages without having to write code!

The Pulse App

Students can receive instant notifications and update from courses and well as navigate and interact with course material.   Get the Pulse app for iOS and  Android.

3rd Party Tools

There are many add-ons or LTI tools that have been added to Brightspace.  This is a list of what is currently available with links to more information about each one.

Additional Information

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