Update on Our Residential TV Entertainment Services

By: Nichole Gladky
Last Updated: January 20, 2023


Resident Seawolves,

We want to provide you with an update regarding our cable TV entertainment services. After analyzing the usage data, gathering student feedback, and considering long-term costs and benefits, we have decided not to renew our contract with our provider, Apogee. Therefore Apogee services, including cable TV and HBO Max, will conclude at the end of December 2022.  


Why are we making this change?

Usage of the University’s cable TV service has dropped significantly over the past ten years. In a recent survey of all resident students, more than 86% of participants said they rarely or never watched live TV channels over cable providers such as Apogee. Most residential students said that they preferred watching videos on social media, listening to streaming music/podcasts/radio, or using their own choice of paid content services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Youtube TV, etc. The majority of survey participants indicated using at least one of thirteen other entertainment paid services regularly. Given the current and diverse ways students consume entertainment media, we determined that a contract with Apogee no longer provides our students with the most value or flexibility to match their needs. 


What services will be offered in place of Apogee?

Based upon student feedback, we will invest the savings from the cable TV contract on:

  • Seawolves Cinema is a movie streaming service, where you can watch your favorite movies. To access Seawolves Cinema, log in to the Housing Portal with your Stony Brook NetID. You must be a residential student and on Wolfie-Net Secure Wi-Fi.
  • Improved quality and bandwidth of internet service in and around the residence halls to accommodate the increased number of devices needing Wi-Fi.

Whether it’s online gaming, streaming your favorite movies, watching nonstop live sports, streaming on your favorite platform, or tuning in to catch breaking news, we will continue to maintain, upgrade and expand the quality of your internet access and service experience. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding technology services, please feel free to contact campres_information_systems@stonybrook.edu.



Curtis V. Charles, MBA

Assistant Director, DoIT

Customer Engagement and Support

Campus Residences Information Systems


Catherine-Mary Rivera

Assistant Vice President

Campus Residences 


For More Information Contact

Customer Engagement and Support