Update Your Address in SOLAR

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Created: 11/04/2013 Last Updated: 07/05/2024
  1. On your SOLAR Home Page under Security and Personal Data click Addresses:
    Security and Personal Data - Addresses Tab
  2. Select ADD A NEW ADDRESS to add a new address. Enter the address information and click OK.
    Add a New Address Section
  3. Under "Address Type" choose which address type you would like to associate with the address and then select SAVE.
     Verify Information for Add a New Address
  4. In this case, a Local Address was added but the same applies for either of the Address Types:
    Addresses Tab with Newly added Local Address
  5. If you currently have an address and it is incorrect click edit next to that address type to update the information.  
  6. Employees may need to also notify other applicable areas as shown here

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