Troubleshooting Tips for Skype for Business

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Last Updated: September 12, 2016

Skype for Business

Profile Picture

You can't insert a picture or profile picture option is greyed out:

  • Profile pictures require an Office365 mailbox to be assigned to users. Currently, mailboxes are not assigned to user because campus mail is Google not Office 365.

Connecting with Regular Skype Users

Connections (IMs, Calls, Video Calls, and friend requests, too) with regular Skype users may not work unless the regular Skype user is connecting with either the Skype for Windows desktop client or Skype for Mac.

Lync for Mac 2011 

Video not Turned On

  1. Click on the play button in the video area

Garbled Video

  • Try maximizing the screen by selecting the Enter Full Screen button enter full screen button below the video window
  • Try pausing, and then resuming, the call (by clicking the pause pause button and then resume buttons below the video window)
    garbled video on Lync pause button, full screen button below video screen

Garbled Audio

  • Try pausing, and then resuming, the call (by clicking the pause pause buttonand then resume buttons)  

iPad (iOS) Skype for Business app Certificate Error

If you see the certficate error when signing into the Skype for Business iOS app:  "We can't verify the certificate from the server. Please contact your support team." you'll need to make your browser "trust" this server. 

  1. Open this page on your iPad
  2. Download this  .crt file on your iPad
  3. Install the profile at the prompt
  4. Tap install again at the warning
  5. Confirm install by tapping install a 3rd time

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