Selecting Who Can Manage Google Group Members, Posts, and Metadata

Google Group managers can set who can manager group members, posts, and metadata.

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Created: 05/16/2019 Last Updated: 08/26/2021

You can use Google Group settings to adjust which group levels (e.g., manager, member) can manage members, moderate content, and moderate metadata.

Manage Members

To allow Group managers to manage members (add members, approve members, ban users, invite members, modify members) in the new settings

  1. Go to Google groups at (sign in with your Stony Brook Google Account)
  2. On the Welcome screen, click My groups (top left or center)  
  3. To the right of the group and want to add members to, click the settings gear for Group Settings  or click ⋮ and then Group Settings. (If you do not see the add members icon next to the group name, then you do not have permission to manage the group.)
    group settings   or group settings
  4. On the left side, click Group settings and then Member moderation
  5. Then, select Who can manage members (e.g., Group managers) and click Save changes
    group settings > member moderation

Moderate Content, Metadata

Select who can moderate content (control who can post, approve, and delete group messages and manage group conversations/topics) and metadata (who can tag or categorize content, assign topics to members, and mark topics as favorites or duplicates):

  1. In your group settings, on the left side, click Posting policies
  2. For Who can moderate content, select desired group (e.g., Group managers)
  3. For Who can moderate metadata, select desired group (e.g., Group managers)
  4. Click Save Changes
    posting permissions

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