Scanning on Toshiba Printers

Step-by-Step instructions to use the scanning function of the Toshiba printers/scanners/copiers located throughout campus.

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Last Updated: December 12, 2023
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How to Scan to email: 

Before you “scan to email”, make sure you have your original document in the following locations:


1. Top of the printer: 



Original document should be facing up, and the top of your document goes in the feed first. You will hear a “beep” sound, that sound will indicate that your document is ready for copying. 




2. Inside the Printer:



Original document should be facing down, and the top of your document should be lined up with the small white arrow on the top left. Once you have finished placing your documents, please close the lid.


3. Please tap your student ID above the ID scanner




4. The display will inform you of the amount of quota you have left for the corresponding semester. Press “OK” to continue  



5. Click the “Home” button to reach the following screen, then click “Scan”. 





6. Click the “Preview” button indicated by the red arrow for a preview of your scanned document prior to sending it to your email.  Then, click “Email” indicated by the yellow arrow.