Requesting a Google Shared Mailbox, Google Group, or Google Calendar Resource Calendar

Use these instructions to request a Google Group, Google Shared Mailbox, or Google Calendar Resource.

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Last Updated: October 11, 2023
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When you want a shared email address for a team, you can choose between a Google Group email address and a Shared Mailbox email address. A Resource Calendar allows a resource like a room or piece of equipment to be booked through Google Calendar. To get started submit a ticket to request a Google Group, Shared Mailbox, or Calendar Resource.

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Which Email Option Should You Choose?

You can use a Google Group or a Shared Mailbox as a team email address. Here's some of the features of the two so you can better decide which to request. 

Google Group Email List

A Google Group Email List allows users to communicate to a group of people through one email address.

  • Members get emails in their own inbox
  • Members get emails on Mobile Device in a mail app
  • Managers can control who can send email to the address
  • Can be used as a mailing list
  • Can be used to shared calendars and Google Drive content
  • Can be added to a Calendar event to invite everyone (including anyone added to the group)

Shared Mailbox

A mailbox shared between yourself and others. It allows 2-40 Stony Brook Google Mail users to use a desktop browser to access the same mailbox to read, write, and respond to emails from one account. Shared Mailboxes do not have Chat nor Contacts.

  • All members see the same list of received/sent email
  • Use filters to sort email for everyone
  • Keep a record to correspondence by archiving email
  • Track the status of email messages using labels for everyone
  • Cannot access through mail app on a mobile device
  • Cannot be used to share calendars/Google Drive content or invite to events

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