Purchasing Adobe Named-User Licenses

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Created: 11/17/2020 Last Updated: 07/22/2024

DoIT manages Adobe named user licenses for faculty and staff, which allows users to get better prices.  Products available include Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps ($175), Adobe Acrobat Pro ($125), and Adobe Express ($75). The cost of a named user license is per year, with a possible increase every year.  This purchase is payable annually and charged to the department's account (State or RF) at the end of each fiscal year in June.  If you need to remove a license (perhaps one of your users changed jobs within the university or left SBU), you must request the license be removed.

Proration is not available.  This license is for departmental use.  For a personal license, please visit the Adobe Website.

To purchase/remove a named user license, follow the below steps:

Assigning Adobe Named User Licenses

IMPORTANT NOTE: The license for Adobe products are for 1-year, automatically charged ANNUALLY in June to the specified budget line.  By requesting this license, you are authorizing the DoIT Business Office to charge your department annually for the use of this product until you cancel your subscription.  

  1. Create a ticket in the IT Service portal. Select Faculty/Staff Software.
  2. Fill in "Managed Adobe Named User License" as the subject, then include all of the following information before submitting:
    • The stonybrook.edu email address of the person who will be the named user.
    • Fill out the correct Material & Service Requisition (MSR) form below (.xls version only) and attach it to your DoIT ticket.
    • Attach an email in pdf format from the Budget Account Director authorizing the ANNUAL charge.
    • The DoIT Business Office will submit the completed MSR and approval to Accounting or OGM for payment transfer.  DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT DIRECTLY to Accounting or OGM.
    • For SBF and FSA payments, an invoice with overhead charges will be provided to the requestor, and prompt payment is expected. 
  3. Once the ticket is routed to the correct team, you'll receive an email to confirm the request. Then, the team will create an Adobe ID for the user and add them to your user group.
  4. The user will receive an email from Adobe with how to access their Adobe ID. 
  5. Your request is resolved. 
  6. Your account is billed at initial purchase, and then in June of each year for each of your licenses. Proration is not available.

Removing DoIT managed Adobe Named User licenses

Licenses are not automatically removed if someone leaves the university or changes jobs. The user’s supervisor, secretary staff, or colleagues must create a request to remove the license to prevent being billed for an abandoned license. Additionally, the license can be moved to another user with approval. 

  1. The supervisor, secretary staff, or colleague or the person whose license you want to remove needs to log into to create a ticket in the self-service portal at https://service.stonybrook.edu.
  2. Create a Ticket requesting that the user's license be removed or moved, and include the original user's email address and, if moving to another user, the new user's email address.
  3. Once the ticket is routed to the correct team, you'll receive an email to confirm the request. Then, the team will remove the user’s Adobe ID  from the licensed group (Or the user will be replaced by another user, if requested).
  4. The request is resolved.

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