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Last Updated: September 24, 2020
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Course Evaluation Question Revision Process

 The development process through which this change occurred has taken nearly 2 years with significant work from the faculty course evaluation committee (a subcommittee of the former University Assessment & Quality Enhancement Committee), Faculty Center staff and advice solicited from the CAS PTC, administrators and colleagues at other institutions. To support these decisions, we collected course evaluation questions from AAU institutions and have compiled a database of over 1,000 questions. The University Senate approved implementation of these new questions in Fall 2013.

Campus Feedback & Revised Questions

The proposed questions were vetted through the Undergraduate Council, Graduate Council, Undergraduate Program Directors, Undergraduate Student Government and Graduate Student Organization for feedback, the committee reviewed the feedback and made the following changes based on the feedback.

Intro: Please respond to the items below as they relate to your learning experience in this course. Select the option that best describes your experience. Your answers are confidential and provide valuable feedback to the instructor and University.

Note: The course evaluation process does not serve as a substitute for filing a formal complaint. For more information about filing a formal complaint visit the OIDE website at

1. Overall, I would give this course a grade of...[A-F, 5-point scale]

2. The instructor was effective in teaching the subject matter [5-point scale SA(5) to SD(1)]

3. Instructor expectation of students is reasonable. [5-point scale: SA(5) to SD(1)]

4. The grading was based on the requirements stated in the syllabus. 

[Scale: Agree / Grading did not match the syllabus / There was no syllabus / I did not read the syllabus / I don’t know]. 

5. The textbook, readings and required resources were valuable. 

[Scale: Agree / Disagree / I did not read the required materials / No text, readings or resources were required]. 

6. Did the use of the required textbooks, readings or resources sufficiently justify their cost?

[Scale: Agree / Sufficiently used but not worth the cost / Not sufficiently used / No cost required / I  did not read the required    materials]. 

7. What is your reason for taking this course? 

[Scale: DEC* requirement / Major requirement / Minor requirement / Upper-division credit / Personal interest / Other (please specify)]. 

(* DEC may be replaced with Gen Ed or other term for Stony Brook Curriculum general education course.)

8. What is the most effective way to contact the instructor outside of class? 

[Scale: Office Hours / Before or After Class / Email / Telephone / I Never Contacted the Instructor / Other (please specify)]. 

9. On average, how many hours per week did you spend on this course outside of class? 

[Scale: 0-3 hours / 4-6 hours / 7-9 hours / 10+ hours].

10. My anticipated grade in this class is: 

 [Scale: A,B,C,D,F,P,S,U, I Don’t Know]

11. How often did you attend this class?

[Scale: Always  /Most of the time / About half the time / Before exams / Very infrequently].

12. What, if anything, did you find most valuable about this course? (Open)

13. In what ways, if any, could the course be improved? (Open) 

New Additons (Starting Fall 2020): 

14. Please rate the value of the following learning activities:

[Scale: Valuable, Not Valuable, Not utilized in this course, No opinion, N/A my class did not utilize online]
Learning Activities:
Writing assignments
Presentation assignments
Group work
Video lecture
Audio lecture

15. For each of the following, please indicate whether or not the statement describes
this online course:
[Scale: Yes, No, Somewhat, N/A my class did not utilize online   
It incorporated a variety of media (e.g., graphics, audio, video, PowerPoint, etc.)
All media and document files worked properly
It was easy to navigate
It was well organized
Tools and resources were easy to find

16. For each of the following, please indicate whether or not the statement describes
your instructor(s)?
[Scale: Yes, No, Sometimes] 
They were easily reachable 
They gave timely replies
They graded promptly
They provided frequent and useful feedback
They facilitated interaction among students
They gave clear instructions
They made their expectations clear

17. Do you feel your work was graded with feedback promptly enough for you to
improve subsequent assignments?
[Scale: Yes, No] 

18. What suggestions would you offer for improving the organization of the course menu, tools, resources and overall navigation? (Open)

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