Obtaining student email addresses outside of Blackboard

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Last Updated: May 08, 2020

Blackboard is the preferred system for sending email to students since it does not display the email addresses.   In the event that Blackboard is not available AND you need to contact your students , here's how you can do so:

Step 1:   Log into SOLAR with your EMPL ID# and your SOLAR password

Step 2:  Select Faculty Center in the Instructor Self Service Section


Step 3: Click the "people icon" next to the class that you want to email.


Step 4:  Your course roster will appear (see below) ...    Select the download class roster button


Step 5:  An excel  file called "SU_SS_ROSTER.xlsx"  will download to your downloads folder.    We recommend you rename your course, including term, i.e.:   Spring20_Ext288.xlsx so that you can find it later in a secure folder on your computer. 

Step 6:   Open the downloaded CSV file 

Step 7: Copy and paste the email addresses from and paste in the Bcc field  (** eMail addresses are FERPA Protected **)  in your Google Mail (or Outlook)   

Step 8:    If  you are using a shared computer, save to your Google Drive  and remove the file from your downloads folder.   Make sure you empty the trash so that others cannot access the file.  


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