Exporting Content from SBYou Sites to Wordpress

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Created: 02/12/2016 Last Updated: 04/09/2024

If you wish to keep access to your SBYou site, you will need to export the site to Wordpress. The XML file created by exporting your SBYou site will contain your posts, pages, comments, categories, and tags.

Note : Photos will have to be manually transferred from your original site.

First you need to set the page's privacy settings to public

Setting a Page to Public

  1. In the top left, mouse over "My Sites" > your blog title > click "Dashboard"
  2. Under "Dashboard" click on "Private" (Note: if it says "Public", you do not need to change your settings)
  3. Under "Site Visibility" select "Allow search engines to index this site"
  4. Click "Save Changes"

Exporting a SBYou Site to Wordpress

  1. Go to the SBUYou page
  2. Log in (top left corner) with your NetID and password)
  3. Mouse over "My Sites" > your blog title > click "Dashboard"
  4. Click on "Tools" (located on the right black bar), then "Export"
  5. Click "Download Export File"
  6. If your export file is very large, then it will not download immediately -  you will need to wait for an email from Wordpress with a link to a ZIP file of your exported content
  7. Optional: if your site was originally private, don't forget to change the privacy settings back to what they originally were
  8. You can import the XML file in Wordpress by signing into Wordpress, going to your dashboard, then "Tools", "Import", "Wordpress" and  then upload the XML file you downloaded.  


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