STAR IT is a program designed to recognize outstanding achievement by DoIT Student employees.

About the Star IT Program

Anyone at SBU can recognize and submit a STAR IT nomination. Nominations are meant to encourage a proactive professional culture that is meant to align with the university's mission.

STAR IT will be awarded during the Spring and Fall semesters to four students.

All nominations will be published, the Spring 24 deadline is 4/30/24

Spring 24 Awardees and Nominees

Spring 24 Awardees

Alex Li

Henry Wang

Carmen Ma

Pak Ming Lau


Spring 24 Nominees


Alex Li

Jubin Mathew

Sarah Kleinman

Cathy Ma

Leila Pan

Henry Wang

Pak Ming Lau

Lokesh Kumar

Spring 2023 Semester

To: Mason Ma ★
From: Vanessa Ma

He brightens up the office with his cool magic tricks.

To: Jadyn Carruthers ★
From: David Ecker

Jadyn is one of the top students that we have working within DoIT. On many occasions, I have heard her interact with students to help with laptops, and technology or even just to give them directions. She takes on a leadership role and always handles each situation in a professional manner. Without her diligence, the students using our services could be lost. I am honored to work near Jadyn on a regular basis.

To: Cathy Ma ★
From: Jarrod McFarlane

Cathy Ma is one of our Senior Assistants in Classroom Technology. Cathy's knowledge, ability to troubleshoot, customer service, and follow through are among the highest order of students we've employed. Cathy is a great teammate - she cares for her fellow employees and supports all staff. Cathy has a great sense of humor, and her laugh brings joy to the office. She also works all the time and has solid knowledge of all DoIT resources and services, so the professional staff relies on her!

Fall 2022 Semester

To: Joyce Xie ★
From: Angel Zou

Joyce has been an excellent leader as well as a consultant at the SINC site. She is always eager to help and provided wonderful services. She is patient and would explain what went wrong thoroughly. Extremely caring and friendly. She is also very responsible for her team and those that work alongside her.

To: Haruka Oshikawa ★
From: Xuecen Wang

She is a diligent and productive worker as what I've seen as a coworker. She helped me troubleshoot difficult problems on my job and has so much patience to teach me what I don't know. She also is very generous about her career advice and helped me build some confidence in my major and school. I am very grateful to work beside her.

To: Dylan Scott
From: Daniel Kogan

Dylan is a first class lead student technician at client support. One of the most truly knowledgable and hardworking people I've ever met. To say it is a pleasure to work with him is an understatement of the highest order. He is quick on his feet when it comes to troubleshooting issues and twice as swift resolving it.

To: Joyce Xie
From: Jadyn Carruthers

Joyce goes out of her way every. single. day. to assist her co-workers. She is kind, knowledgeable, and overall amazing. As a bonus her dogs are adorable.

To: Aditya Jindal
From: Sae Zhang

Aditya is a superb Lead Student Technician who goes above and beyond to help others. He ensures that students on our team are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to succeed. Showing great enthusiasm and patience in teaching, his consistently makes a positive difference at Client Support and throughout the university.

To: Winnie Chen
From: Eve Hernandez

Very talented person. Became a lead after only 2 semesters, meaning he completed all DoIT Client Support Demos at the fastest rate of all students thus far in this department. Is very helpful and knowledgeable in training new staff and always shares his ideas. Overall a very kind person.

To: Tianxin (Lance) Lin ★
From: Sandra Jansson

As one of our lead students at the Service Desk, Lance is a great role model for our student technicians. He is reliable and is always willing to do whatever we need done, whether it be phones or Cherwell tickets, remote sessions with customers or training new students. He has been doing an amazing job teaching many of our new students in everything from creating Cherwell tickets to policies and procedures.. Even when things get crazy, he keeps calm and gets things done. Lance plays a major role in our success! Thank you :-)

To: Jing Liang Guan
From: Aman Rahman

Jing is great at his job: organized, consistently patient, always kind and helping. As a senior consultant who I share a shift with he has helped me enormously to familiarize myself with protocols and skills and never made me feel insufficient or dumb for not knowing (sometimes basic) work things. I admire his knowledge of resources at Stony Brook, but more so his ability to work with people. His efforts go beyond just basic task fulfillment-- he made new individualized badges for the consultants which made me feel part of something, like I had a real place working for DoIT.

To: Jadyn Carruthers
From: Ayumi Nakagawa

Jadyn has helped me immensely anytime I ran into a problem or had questions. She never hesitates to lend a helping hand and her receptive, bubbly attitude towards the new DoIT consultants transitioning into a regular consultant is greatly appreciated.

To: Katie Chen
From: Joyce Xie

Katie has the ability to bring people together and offers a great asset to our team

To: Johanna Skinnider
From: Joyce Xie

Johanna has been nothing but helpful. Throughout the semester, she has offered multiple times to assist me on difficult and strenuous projects. Thank you!

To: James Gluzman
From: Joyce Xie

James is one of the pillars here in DoIT SINC site team. His presence and contribution are not to go unnoticed. With his ability to work on things behind the scene, he has been one of the biggest support for our team. His presence is one of a kind and is a great addition to our team.

To: Joyce Xie
From: James Gluzman

Joyce has been working for DoIT for the past 5 years, and has constantly shown her dedication towards the success of SINC Sites. She has always taken the most initiative in any student worker that I've seen in my time working for DoIT, ranging from fostering the growth of consultants/senior consultants to personally assisting many staff members in DoIT. Joyce has helped lead 4 internship classes, which led to many cohorts of successful senior consultants who were able to pass on their knowledge and skills to other regular consultants. This has always been more than a part time job for her; rather, she has taken personal interest in successfully serving the users of Stony Brook University, as well as teach consultants how to do the same. Even now, she is dedicating much of her time and energy in merging the SINC Site and CES groups - a task that will difficult to accomplish, yet subsequent generations will be able to enjoy the fruits of her labor. It is an understatement to say that Joyce has been truly outstanding, and I can say with absolute certainty that the students and users that she has graced with her knowledge and assistance can say the same.

To: Joseph Khanimov
From: Jin Li

Joseph is very proactive in helping other students, and he has helped to clean the computers and remind me of different meetings. Joseph is happy to work with other people, and should be nominated.

To: Jin Li ★
From: Joseph Khanimov

Jin is amazing at helping users who need help. Always on top of her work and makes sure 99.99% of the people who she helps are satisfied with her customer service skills.

To: Maggie Li
From: Mei Hua Yang

I am nominating Maggie Li because she has helped me in so many ways. She introduced the job position to me and helped me answer questions I had. She was also very welcoming on my second day.