ePortfolio System (Digication)

Stony Brook fully endorses the idea of ePortfolios to enhance teaching and learning. Many instructors have already incorporated them into their course curriculums. By creating an online Digication ePortfolio, students and instructors are able to document their work and reflect on what they have learned, and what new skills have been acquired.

An ePortfolio is a place where one can document his or her work, reflect, and archive it forever. In an ePortfolio, a student documents his or her experiences - be it from one's science, math, history, or English coursework, to one's volunteer, research, or work experience, and even to one's personal hobbies and interests. Whatever is placed in an ePortfolio is not bound and can, in fact, help develop one's professional career.

In ePortfolios one can archive pieces of his or her life. From including the school work one produces over the years, to providing evidence of what one has learned in a job, internship, or research experience, an ePortfolio helps an individual reflect on each facet and elaborate on the skills one has gained and how those may be applied in the workplace or at a future place of employment.

Examples of ePortfolios

A Three-Ring Binder or an Electronic Format?

"The development of the portfolio in a technological environment, wherein students have available the means to both conceptually connect the links between and among their learning experiences and illustrate them visually, constitutes precisely the kind of experience that can provide a constructivist foundation for their lifelong learning" (Nicholson, 2004).