The Virtual SINC Site provides a way for students, faculty, and staff members to access site-licensed, academic software titles directly from their personal computers from either on or off campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students can also use the Virtual SINC Site to access the Print From Anywhere service using any device or operating system.


In order to run the Virtual SINC Site, you will need to download and install the Citrix Receiver application.

Automatic Log Off

There is a 30-minute idle time limit for the Virtual SINC Site.  After 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically logged off.  If you do not save your work, you will lose it when you are logged off.

Attention - Support Update

Virtual SINC Site users: please be advised that Citrix and Microsoft have discontinued support for Windows XP. Therefore, the new Citrix client being used by SBU's Virtual SINC Site will not run on a Windows XP computer. It is recommended that you upgrade to a more modern Windows operating system if you want to use the Virtual SINC Site.